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Last Minute: Explosion in Bogota, Colombia

The Santander General Police School, located in Bogota, during the promotion of an attack during the promotion ceremony, has risen. Officials announced that the number of deaths has risen to 54 in 10 & a.

It was learned that the explosion occurred around 09.30 local time, even from different parts of the city. At the time of the explosion, the police school had a promotion and an awards ceremony. The officials described the incident as a terrorist attack. In order to prevent another attack, access to the area has been closed.

Great pain in Bogotá: at least 10 dead

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Eyewitnesses claimed that a car that arrived at the police school did not obey the stop signal and exploded, causing the vehicle to explode against the walls of the structures. The type of explosive found in the car used in case the assaulter was killed could not yet be determined.

Great pain in Bogotá: at least 10 dead

Colombian president Ivan Duque came to the capital to cancel his trip. In his first statement, Duque said: "Colombia is sad, but it will not bow to violence.This is a miserable act of terrorism

Great pain in Bogotá: at least 10 dead


The mayor of Bogota, Enrique Penalosa, said that the number of deceased persons rose to 10 and that 4 of the dead were women. "Terrorist attacks, We also see in Paris, Madrid, London, we will examine who is responsible for this incident Six seriously injured people have been reported to the emergency room of the El Tunal hospital.

Duque, who was in the city of Choco during the attack, announced that he had immediately canceled the Security Council who was planning to perform at Quibdo while returning to the capital.

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Great pain in Bogotá: at least 10 dead


At the end of 2016, this action was announced as the most serious attack by the terrorist organization of the FARC and the government. The attack was carried out five days after the former FARC leader, Ivn Mrquez, released the video, which he said was a mistake.


Colombian President Ivan Duque, José Aldemar Rojas Rodrguez said the attack was organized by the person. Duque, 80 pounds of pentolite used in the attack, he said.

Great pain in Bogotá: at least 10 dead


At the time the attacker heard about the police school, it was announced that the dogs tried to stop the explosives. The attacker, after barking dogs, quickly hit the wall of the police school dorm. The authorities are trying to figure out if the explosion is due to the cell phone or the impact.


In his last statement, Duque said: "This attack on an academic center with unarmed youth and students is against youth, public power and the whole of society." This insane terrorist act will not go unpunished. to terrorism, always defeated. We will attack, we will not bend

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