KuCoin Blockchain Asset Exchange announces the listing of EdenChain (EDN)

The KuCoin Blockchain Property Exchange is pleased to announce that starting today, EdenChain (EDN) is available on their cutting edge platform.

Deposits are now open with supported exchange partners such as EDN / BTC and EDN / ETH. All trading actions can be performed using the KuCoin app for Android and iOS or on their website at www.kucoin.com.

About EdenChain (EDN)

EdenChain is creating a new economic order in which physical and nonphysical assets are united through the tokenisation of these values ​​through their innovative platform. Smart contracts are used for the integration of these two categories of values, generating what is known as Programmable Economics, a term that indicates the influence of technology on the economy. The blockchain is the source of this economy because its features and characteristics facilitate the programs that have been set by this platform. For years, the optimization of blockchain technology has been the focus of many projects because the purpose of decentralization is driven by a part of the technological sphere.

The Programmable Economy

Represents the great vision of the EdenChain project. As already mentioned, the reorganization of the modern economic system to match the technology that has been demonstrated in the world is fundamental. There are money-making ideas that are still blurred in most economies. Physical properties such as automobiles, gold and oil each have their own value with a specific process of calculating this present value. For nonphysical objects such as fans or fame, there is no real way to define how much an individual deserves as a result of his reputation or how many people can control.

System Architecture

EdenChain went with a private or licensed blockchain for its platform simply because it is easier to get better results. This option gives the system slightly more control than public blockchains, which are crucial especially if this project is designed to achieve its performance goals. The entry into this ecosystem requires the permission of the administrator allowing the creation of an even safer platform. The specifications that must be realized by those wishing to join the platform will allow the filtering of individuals potentially dangerous from entering their own ecosystem. Its architecture consists of three distinct layers each with unique individual functions. These three levels converge on the storage, validation and distribution of data involved in the process of agreement within the blockchain.

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