Kryptono Crypto Exchange announces support for Tron TRX Coin Trading

  Kryptono Crypto Exchange Announces Support for Tron TRX Coin Trading

Kryptono Announces Support for TRX Trading On Crypto Exchange

TRX has been added to the Kryptono exchange and can be exchanged for both TRX / ETH and TRX / Couples BTC . This new first-rate blockchain exchange with the FIAT currency conversion function will allow users to conduct their negotiations within a stable, fast and user-friendly environment.

These latest news have helped to improve the influence and global liquidity of TRON ( TRX ) on the crypto trading market.

About Kryptono

Kryptono is an inter-blockchain cryptocurrency exchange that reduces the current complexity of cryptographic coin trading. It is designed to serve anyone, from skilled traders to ordinary citizens who try cryptocurrencies for the first time.

So the Kryptono platform has a user-friendly interface where it is possible to conduct instant, secure and highly efficient P2P transactions. The KNOW native token is a standard currency ERC223 that will serve as the main currency for the payment of the transaction fees of the platform and also for the purchase of other altcoins with a huge discount of 50%.


As an innovative supplier of digital currency exchange, Kryptono promises to continue promoting the development of virtual resources disclosure through its global appeal and future mass user base. The encrypted exchange was happy to collaborate with a strong cryptocurrency as TRON (TRX).

With numerous users and fans worldwide, TRON's list of Kryptono will help more people use and understand TRX. Meanwhile, the massive community behind TRON (TRX) will also give Kryptono a notable boost as it stands as one of the best cryptographic exchanges.

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