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Korean programs Blockchain to convert the city of Gwangju into a crypto-valley

The Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association (KBEPA) announced its intention to hold a ceremony on December 27 to press for Gwangju City to be recognized as a district specializing in the crypto-valley that reported local news. Thousands of representatives of KBEPA and Universal Group are planning to attend the ceremony to be held at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center in Gwangju. It is said that more than 300 international and Korean journalists participate in the program.

The organizers are planning to visit Lee Yong-Sub during the ceremony, the mayor of the city of Gwangju, for this to happen. This, they said, will allow the local labor market of China's sixth largest city to grow tremendously.

"We plan to officially meet Mayor Lee to deliver the recommended plans to announce and transform Gwangju into a special government cryptocurrency city, and we are also planning to meet with counselor Kim Dong-Chan for support," said Lee Han -Young, executive vice president of KBEPA and Kim In-Ki, CEO of the Universal group.

"We will make a recommendation for the city government to implement a universal pilot project to increase market demands, issuing a portfolio of digital currencies for small business owners and applying ICOs, as well as Universal Group, Beerex Chain and Korea World will work together to establish the first universal currency project office, and Gwangju residents will be given preference for employment, "they added.

Kim In-Ki also cited examples of Estonia and Malta which, he said, were the forerunners of the fourth industrial revolution by successfully attracting global blockchain companies to invest in their cities. As a result, these nations have enjoyed huge increases in the number of jobs created. They criticized the Korean government for focusing my manufacturing, automotive or naval industries, and closing the eye on the fourth technological revolution.

The Blockchain body has insisted that the corporations, associations and government of the city of Gwangju should actively collaborate to create new jobs, seize this hot opportunity to increase national wealth and take the fourth industrial revolution instead of wasting local and national resources seeking to change trends

The KBEPA also criticized the South Korean government's stance against blockchain and cryptocurrency firms, which stressed, for example, that hostile regulations forced some domestic companies to open up trade abroad.

KBEPA was founded to promote the blockchain industry in Korea. Members include many prominent members of the Blockchain community as the director of Korea's Information Technology Research Institute, Yoo Joon-Sang, a former member of the assembly, Ryu Geun-Chan; the president of the Agricultural Products Promotion Association, Lee Han-Yeong; former vice president of KBS, An Dong-Su.

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