Korean Air launches Asiana acquisition … saneun, invests 800 billion won / news YTN-YTN


  1. Korean Air begins acquisition of Asiana … saneun, investing KRW / YTN 800 billionYTN News
  2. [속보] “Integration of Korean Air and Asiana Airlines”Hankyoreh
  3. [대한·아시아나 빅딜] Hanjin group in government etc … KCGI, “the dog chasing the chicken”?News from the eyes 24
  4. [인터뷰투데이] Asiana’Day of Destiny ‘… Korean Air, what is the task of formalizing’ Big Deal ‘? / YTNYTN News
  5. Won-Tae Cho acquired the aviation industry to increase and minimize public fundingDaily economy
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