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Koinex, one of the most popular exchanges in India, celebrates an anniversary in preparation for the Koinex Trade Fest 2018. The team has prepared a surprise, already gratifying users with INR 100,000 of prizes for the use of TRON (TRX ) and Ripple (XRP) trading pair.

In addition, the team officially announced the Trade Fest via a release on Medium, which marks 25 th August as the actual date of Koinex a year. The team representatives added that, after months of development and preparation, Koinex finally managed to reach the heights of trade with India.

Koinex Organize Koinex Trade Fest to celebrate the anniversary

Koinex has shared the news about the organization of an impressive Koinex Trade Fest 2018 in order to celebrate an anniversary since the exchange officially started to work.

Team representatives also added that Koinex was trying hard to provide its users with engines, security and functionality, keeping the system up-to-date and adding new tokens and coins, emphasizing that loyal users of the exchange are the reason why Koinex is still in circulation, operating successfully.

In the spirit of receiving support from its users, Koinex has decided to organize a commercial event that will last for 4 days, ending the festival on August 25 which is the official date of the anniversary.

During the four days of the Koinex Trade Fest, 4 tokens will participate in the competition to support the reward system as the exchange has covered many awards for the participants.

For August 21 st when the party officially began, users will be able to participate in the first round of prizes, supported by TRON (TRX), while each day will be marked with a different token, starting from the TRX / XRP exchange pair. All users of the Koinex exchange can benefit from prizes by trading with the aforementioned couple, while the total amount for prizes is 100,000 Indian Rupees (INR).

The Trade Fest competitions will be held every day in the four-day time period, from 10 am to 10 pm, until the official end of the festival, on 24 August .

On the second day of the 2018 Trade Fest, users will be able to participate in trading with NCASH, on August 22 nd followed by the EOS trading day of August 23 .

The last day of the Koinex Trade Fest 2018, participants will have the opportunity to score some prizes using Ripple XRP for their trading

What to expect from the Koinex Trade Fest 2018 Competition?

During the four days of the Trade Fest, users can participate in the contest to get prizes from Koinex, simply starting to trade with the cryptocurrencies listed on exact days when the currencies are promoted through the Trade Fest, starting from TRON (TRX).

There is no special application to enter the competition, as users only need to buy and sell to become eligible for the list

In accordance with the rules of the Koinex Trade Fest 2018, traders participating in the Competition will be ranked based on trading volumes on a daily basis, separately for each day and each token.

In addition, the team stated that the best traders will be present on the Koinex Trade Fest 2018 rankings with the winners announced for each day at the end of the competition, after 22:00.

The total prizes amount to 400,000 INR, divided into four days of competition. The exchange also listed the scheme for the distribution of the expected premiums and the Koinex merchandise for traders taking place from 11 th to 20 th .

First place will receive tokens in the amount of INR 40,000, each day there will be a different winner for different tokens. The second place will be awarded with INR 30,000, third place will score 10,000 INR tokens, while 4 th and 5 th placed on the basis of daily trading volume will receive INR 5,000 in token by operator.

Traders from 6 th to 10 th place will receive tokens rated at INR 2,000 per single trader. The model for the prizes is applicable on every day of the Trade Fest, only the tokens will pass according to the plan.

All winners should receive their prizes no more than a week from the time of announcement as one of 20 winners a day. The dotted rewards should arrive on the Koinex portfolios of the winning participants, while an increase in the volume of exchanges at Koinex is expected during the four days reserved to celebrate the exchange that takes one year.

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