Know it .. Useful foods in the treatment of colon problems


Irritable bowel syndrome is an unpleasant disorder that causes digestive pain, followed by a feeling of bloating and severe cases of constipation or diarrhea.

People with irritable bowel syndrome should choose healthy foods carefully. Especially in those times when colon pain intensifies, as the body becomes more sensitive to certain foods, and for this we offer a group of healthy foods that reduce irritable bowel syndrome, according to webmd.

Dairy products are known to contain beneficial bacterial yeasts that help eliminate harmful bacteria that cause colon pain, such as yogurt and milk.

Vegetables help regulate bowel movement, especially those that contain high levels of fiber, such as leafy vegetables such as: lettuce and watercress, as well as vegetables that contain high levels of water, such as cucumbers, with the need to remove the shell external, and pepper, which helps a lot in cases of severe constipation It is also caused by problems of colon spasms.

And it is preferable to stay away from other types of vegetables that cause bloating that multiply the pain and problems of the irritable bowel, such as cabbage, cauliflower and radishes.

Fruit contains good proportions of fiber and natural sugars, which do not negatively affect intestinal health and therefore do not cause colon problems, such as watermelon, strawberries, dates, apples and carrots.

When eating certain fruits and vegetables that contain an external skin, it is preferable to remove it, so as not to cause digestive problems or sensitivity that cause pain and swelling in colon patients.

It is preferable to stay away from types of foods that contain high levels of gluten, as they cause harm to those with irritable bowel syndrome, including: cereal products such as bread, pasta, barley and oats that contain proteins of gluten, and on normal days when the colon is stable, it is also preferable to eat small amounts for this type of food.

Drinks play an important role in calming the colon and also reduce tension and pressure, which results in spasms in the irritable bowel region, so you can be sure to drink beverages like chamomile, fennel, cumin, green tea, and anise.

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