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Keep track of your crypto resources: as a blockfolio bites the powder PYGMY swims in the vast ocean

There are many cryptographic portfolio management apps, but even the best are all but perfect. The range of problems varies from the annoying manual insertion of portfolio addresses to the loss of money due to slow price updates. ORCA Alliance claims to offer the solution that solves all these problems – PYGMY.

At some point you find yourself thinking about all the benefits of being an investor. Probably, you could even move from theorization to the study of possible investment options. The choice of goods is incredible: items of standard value such as gold and diamonds or something more specific like the old Japanese motorcycles. Regardless of what you choose, the resources do not work unless you keep track of them.

The problem of monitoring resources becomes even more thorny in the cryptographic sphere. The high volatility of cryptocurrencies leaves no doubt that time is money. It's no wonder that one of the first steps to becoming a successful investor is choosing an asset management tool.

Competition makes perfect

The choice of a cryptographic portfolio management application is dictated by its popularity. The more people download the mobile app, the more it seems credible. However, this logic does not always work.

If you've ever been interested in cryptographic resources apps, you must have signed in to Blockfolio. This cryptographic portfolio management app claims to be the leader in its sphere. Nobody disputes the fact that it is full of convenient and simple to use functions. However, it would not take too long to find room for improvement.

Last year Blockfolio was one of the best choices for both professional investors and new crypts. However, the application seems to have problems meeting the rapidly developing market challenges. Slow price updates are not only irritating: customers blame the slowness of the app for the loss of money. Users' concerns go further: some of them have accused Blockfolio of not being synchronized with the best cryptographic exchanges like Binance.

The slow price update is a big problem, but even minor inconveniences can irritate customers. Even a quick look at the Blockfolio reviews on Google Play reveals some other app problems. Manual entry of portfolio addresses and portfolio changes do not seem to be a big deal. But the need to repeat these actions over and over again – making mistakes along the way – causes serious annoyance to users. Not to mention global issues like wallet disappearances and buggy upgrades.

Creating an excellent app is only half the battle, the real fight is the encounter with the daily challenges of the ever-changing cryptic industry.

The Ocean of Cryptocurrency Management

ORCA Alliance is known for two functions. The first is its naming policy: the names of all the products are inspired by the types of killer whales. This is just a fact that captures the attention. But the second feature of ORCA Alliance is that which is really important: the company is known for linking encryption and traditional finance with a series of well thought out tools. The company has just released the new app that will demonstrate its ability to create tools designed with particular attention to user needs: the PYGMY portfolio monitoring tool.

PYGMY has several advantages over its competitors. First of all, it's free. But pricing policy does not affect the quality of the app. PYGMY developers have studied the needs and wishes of the crypto community to create the ultimate solution. One of the problems they have discovered is that many traders have to work on different exchanges of cryptocurrencies to get better results. And this is the reason why PYGMY aggregates the data of the first 20 exchanges of cryptocurrencies.

The need for manual updates has often become the reason for complaints about the various cryptographic portfolio monitoring tools. PYGMY took this fact into account and provided users with an optimized mechanism of automatic updates. All information is displayed in a feed in real time and that means a lot to the cryptographic sphere.

One of the key features of PYGMY is the use of API connections that allows the synchronization of different accounts. Manual time-taking trade inputs are a thing of the past: PYGMY allows automatic updating of user values ​​and portfolio structures.

The beginning of a long cryptic voyage

PYGMY is already full of features that can cause the interest of the most demanding users. However, ORCA will not stop here. A single app can be great, but the thing that the cryptographic sphere really needs is the platform in all respects. The ORCA infrastructure will include a number of other tools to meet all the possible demands of the crypto community.

BlackFish is an app waiting that will become available in a few months. This tool can initiate transactions for accounts linked directly via the ORCA dashboard. This means that the laborious need to access different exchanges for each trade will become a thing of the past.

The sphere of interest of the ORCA for the next year and a half also includes the connection of banks, the conversion of loans from PPC to P2P, insurance products. The names of the upcoming instruments are sufficient to arouse interest: MobyDoll, Albino and Killer Whale will revolutionize the cryptographic sphere by 2020.

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