Keep it civil with blockchain


This week is an episode of request for listeners. After our shows on design thinking and blockchain, many of you asked about Civil. It is the platform of journalism behind the adventures like The Colorado Sun and the Podcast ZigZag, and is powered by blockchain. Today we have the civilian COO Lillian Ruiz on the show to tell us all about it, along with the Colorado Sun CTO Eric Lubbers.

"I think the best compliment I can give is not to say how much your programs have taught me (a ton), but how much the market motivated me to go out and teach me." – Michael in Arlington, VA

As a nonprofit organization, what matters to us is the same thing that matters to you: being a reliable and independent source of news that makes people smarter for businesses and businesses. ;economy. So if the market helped you better understand the economy, make more informed financial decisions or simply encouraged you to think differently, we are asking you to return something.

Become a Market Investor today The amount is right for you – and keep public service journalism strong. We are grateful for your support.

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