Kaleido launches Blockchain Marketplace with Plug-and-Play services and Solution Partnership Program


The leader of the Blockchain Kaleido platform, in collaboration with ConsenSys and Amazon Web Services, launches the first full-stack platform with a plug-and-play marketplace of services, integrations and software partners to accelerate business blockchain projects from proof-of-fact concept to live production networks.

LISBON, Portugal, November 8, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Summit Web – Kaleido, a ConsenSys company, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, is helping companies overcome the proof-of-concept phase to experience production blockchain networks with announcement of his next important step forward. The new Kaleido Marketplace extends its Blockchain Business Cloud to become the first full-stack business platform available today. The new marketplace includes reliable tools and services from Kaleido, AWS and members of the new partnership program, all offered as plug-and-play.

The first users of the Kaleido market have declared to eliminate the 80% of the custom code required to build their blockchain project. Customers now have access to native AWS integrations, popular services such as HD wallets for privacy logs and IDs for organizational identity, as well as industry products such as chainlink for intelligent contractual oracles, Viant for supply chain management, OpenLaw is Clause.io for legal contracts in real time and many others, all at the click of a button.

With the corporate added value of the blockchain technology expected to be superior $ 3.1 trillion by 2030 (Gartner), it is easy to understand why blockchain is today one of the most discussed technologies in the business world. Indeed, 84 percent of executives they said their companies were "actively involved" with blockchain when interviewed by PwC in August 2018. However, to date, most companies have struggled to build complete and productive blockchain solutions, exacerbated by the lack of blockchain skills and talent in the industry.

From its launch in May, Kaleido has helped organizations create over 1,000 blockchain networks with Blockchain Business Cloud. Now, Kaleido is going even further, offering the first full stack of blockchain functionality needed to build a complete solution, get to live production status and keep the solution working.

"We have seen successful implementation models such as corporate networks come into production and have transformed these best practices into Kaleido Marketplace services, to radically simplify blockchain adoption and eliminate some of the specialized blockchain skills required," said Kaleido. Founder and COO, Sophia Lopez.

"The reality is only about 10 percent of a business blockchain project is the blockchain itself." There are many other applications, data and components of the infrastructure needed to go into production, "said Kaleido Founder and CEO, Steve Cerveny. "I am very happy to have an entire cloud of pre-integrated blockchain technologies for our customers to use. The Kaleido Marketplace is a one stop shop for everything related to corporate blockchain."

A Kaleido client is Komgo, a network of trade and finance of raw materials at the forefront of global institutions such as Citi, ING, Koch Supply & Trading, MUFG Bank, Société Générale, Credit Agricole Group, BNP Paribas, Shell and others.

"Building on an open blockchain system, Komgo can choose from the best protocols being developed throughout the ecosystem and use existing building blocks for an optimized solution," said Souleïma Baddi, Managing Director of Komgo. "Now with the demonstration of the concepts and drivers behind us, Kaleido will help us deliver production-ready products for a large number of participants at a very fast pace."

Kaleido is also launching its tandem partnership program with the market, providing important opportunities for third-party suppliers to join the ecosystem by promoting their offers in the Kaleido market, incorporating Kaleido into their blockchain solutions or accelerating commitment of customers using Kaleido in their consultations.

"Having our own smart contract legal solution promoted in the Kaleido Marketplace creates an instantaneous channel to bring our technology to a global audience and instant access for new customers," said OpenLaw co-founder. Aaron Wright.

Greenfence Consumer is Radiant Earth they are incorporated partners and are using Kaleido to improve their blockchain networks; Greenfence to help Hollywood studies such as Sony and Fox revolutionize digital marketing for film fans and Radiant Earth to equip NGOs with aggregate images of open Earth and geospatial data. From a consulting standpoint, system integrators like ConsenSys Solutions are now using Kaleido to accelerate their customers' blockchain commitments.

Kaleido's Blockchain Business Cloud and the new Marketplace are now available, try it for free on Kaleido.io.

About Kaleido:
Kaleido, a ConsenSys Enterprise Business, is dedicated to making the blockchain radically simpler for organizations so that our companies benefit fully from decentralized models and technologies. Kaleido is working with Amazon Web Services to offer Blockchain Business Cloud, an all-in-one SaaS platform built for Enterprise Blockchain. For more information, visit www.Kaleido.io

About ConsenSys:
ConsenSys is a global leader in the development of decentralized blockchain services and applications, founded by Joseph Lubin, a co-creator of Ethereum. As a business production studio, his projects cover every part of the Ethereum ecosystem, including: crucial infrastructure projects (Infura), development tools (Truffle), core integration components (MetaMask), Services (Diligence), B2C dapps (Grid +, Cellarius), business solutions (Kaleido), and many others.

SOURCE ConsenSys

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