K-Pop Ethereum Blockchain taps to discover the next star


An entertainment management group based in South Korea is taking advantage of the Etna blockchain to discover new talent and achieve global celebrity.


South Korea's Z-POP Dream Project entertainment platform is taking advantage of blockchain technology to discover the next K-pop, or Korean folk music, superstar talent and new infrastructure development in the popular music scene.

A Korea Herald report said Z-POP CEO Dream Jun Kang seeks to establish a global entertainment ecosystem based on emerging technology to uncover new talent to manage and create a global music niche for $ 46 billion. Jun was instrumental in creating Z-POP Dream.

"With our exceptional team of industry veterans and proven track record, the violation of the global musical stage will no longer be just an unrealizable dream for local artists who aspire to show their talents to the world" He was quoted.

The report states that the company would use Ethereum's blockchain to allow K-pop followers to cast a vote for their favorite entertainers. Fans will have the opportunity to participate in the audition and awards ceremonies, the company said, making the whole process more transparent with the use of blockchains.

Kang said the project would eventually discover and cultivate talent skills by giving fans the opportunity not only to support their favorite talents, but to make sure they reach global celebrity.

He said that Z-POP has identified several "Star Creation" platforms that will see Z-POP Dream Audition in at least ten Asian countries. These are Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. The audition platform would also include "Star Academies", he added.

With the global format of talent research, Kang said that talents would have the opportunity to present their skills on the world stage.

have created a list of K-pop acts that have reached global fans, including 2NE1, Big Bank, Boa, BTS, EXO, Girls' Generation, PSY, TVXQ and WannaOne.

To start the program, Kang entered into a partnership with the Philippine state broadcaster People & # 39; s Television Network Inc. and Viva Entertainment Inc.

Z-POP is not the first entertainment group to exploit the potentials of the blockchain to attract the entertainment industry. [19659004] In January, a group of all-female pop bands called Kasotsouka Shojo, "Virtual Currency Girls" officially launched in Japan. Each of the eight members of the band represents several cryptocurrencies composed of NEM, eBitcoinCash, Monacoin, Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, NEO and Ripple.

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