Justin Sun tells Tron investors to expect zero transaction fees for TRX transactions on Friday

Justin Sun tells Tron investors to expect zero transaction fees for TRX transactions on Friday

The community of Tron woke up to good news on the 15thth December: Tron transactions are cheaper than before and charges will be completely eliminated. The announcement came in a tweet from the Tron Foundation community and was immediately followed by a confirmation from Tron's CEO and founder, Justin Sun.

Transacting on the Tron exchange has never been cheaper

Transaction fees on the Tron platform reached an all-time low of 0.1% at 7:00 UTC on the 14thth December. Places Tron among the most economical platforms to operate with cryptocurrency operators. Soon, however, traders will not have to pay anything to make transactions on the network, as the developers behind the Tron Market are finalizing plans to eliminate all transaction fees by Friday (21st December).

One in many developments

The Tron platform has grown and expanded exponentially since its launch. The platform has announced new developments every other week and the recent announcement by CEO Justin Sun is just one among many.

One of the most significant developments for Tron came with the launch of two decentralized exchange platforms: the TRX market and the GOC. Both platforms have been developed and launched by the TRX community in another testimony of the crypto community approach. The GOC platform was the first to launch and has made progress in the cryptocurrency markets. The TRX market, on the other hand, was launched on the 12thth December and has already attracted a lot of attention and more and more users are registering. The TRX Market exchange platform currently includes some tokens including GOC, FUN and BET – there are plans to list more mainstream cryptocurrencies once the platform is fully established.

Tron dApps Takeoff

Another recent development (perhaps even more significant than the demolition of transaction fees) by Tron is that the TRC20 exchange is now live – it has been live for about a week. Although relatively new, the TRC20 platform has already recorded nine tokens – interesting, Tronscan's analysis revealed that all these tokens are for decentralized applications. In addition, a recent audit shows that the number of decentralized applications (dApps) transacted on the platform has increased by over 50% and has surpassed the 1M market – the current daily transaction statistics are dApp of 1.04M.

Ethereum still holds the crown for the largest decentralized application platform because its ERC20 platform currently hosts over 2,000 dApps. Tron's TRC20 platform is relatively new to that of Ethereum, but it is already shaping up as a worthy competitor. For now, however, the Tron community has to attract enough users to put the platform in the rankings: Justin Sun urges Tron users to develop their dApps on the ERC20 platform to migrate to the TRC20 platform claiming it has better features for this particular niche.

Still too early?

Justin Sun's announcement should have pushed up Tron's prices, but so far it has not been. This, however, is irrelevant because recent developments on the Tron platform show that the crypt is ready for the long run.


Tron transactions are now cheaper than ever because rates have dropped to 0.1% today. Fridays bring even better news as the Tron community has announced its intentions to completely scrap the transaction fees.

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