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Justin Sun says that the Ethereum Consenys will become part of Tron (TRX)

Tron & # 39; s Justin Sun urges developers to join him

As reported by Ethereum World News earlier, as emerged from reports that ConsenSys, the ethereum development consortium led by Joseph Lubin, Tron's CEO, Justin Sun, urges the developers of the startup to send resumes to his team. Sun, who worked in Ripple Labs in the past, joked that the family of his project is "fast growing and well funded".

Now, just a week later, after the fear, the uncertainty, the discomfort (FUD) continued to escape from the walls of ConsenSys, Sun doubled his appeal to the best developers of Ethereum to join him.

In a tweet posted Saturday (seen below), the encrypted businessman, who also runs BitTorrent, noted that "the next news will be ConsenSys joining Tron", commenting in response to an article that claimed that the project had exploited a former Ethereum Classic diverter. This recent message comes immediately after comparing Ethereum with discretion to a sinking ship, adding that developers who abandon the masses and startups are stuck in the project's papers.

The innocuous commentary above, probably realized as a joke, only emphasizes Tron's recent push to outperform in the crypto market of 2018.

Tron imposes Blockchain's milestones

Some have claimed that Sun played his horn, so to speak, for good reason. In recent weeks, Tron's CEO has drawn attention to a series of milestones that his genius has surpassed. For Sun, the Tron blockchain now facilitates 83 decentralized applications (DApp). This statistic has increased by about 400% since the end of November, when the network managed about 20 DApp.

The optimist said that at current growth rates, Tron will surpass EOS in terms of DApp counts by the end of January 2019. Block EOS, for a certain perspective, currently hosts 259 blockchain applications.

In addition to publishing a staggering month-to-month DApp growth rate, Sun recently brought it on Twitter to state that the contracts on the network were triggered 100 million times, emphasizing only that Tron's DApps have feasible use cases.

These two milestones arrive a few days after Tron registered his millionth account, which comes to 185 days after the migration of the project from Ethereum to their networks.

Tron's main network has also recently surpassed 100 million processed transactions, indicating that Tron has continued to see monumental levels of interest, despite the crypto-bear market. This is probably due to the popularity of the dApp offers on the network. This stunning landmark came the day after Tron set a new record of 2.64 million transactions in a single day. On that day, this sum of 2.64 million was presumably 9.6 times higher than the number of transactions processed on Bitcoin, 4.6x Ethereum, 4.1x XRP, 188x Tether and 264x Stellar.

At the time of writing, TRX tokens earned $ 0.019946 and recorded a loss of -1.5% in the last 24 hours. This is in step with Bitcoin's performance, as BTC has fallen by 1.2% over the period of time mentioned above.

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