Justin Sun offers the Venezuelan president to link Petro to Tron instead of Ethereum

John McAfee is a very eccentric but still popular cryptic personality. Every action and every word of his immediately attracts attention. So, we could not absolutely miss an interview he gave to ETHNews discussing a couple of important issues.

First, McAfee has faced the notorious affair with Bitfi that we have completely covered in our news portal. Many people have been confused by the behavior of McAfee, thinking of lying to all its followers and customers. However, "the accused" had an explanation for this:

" My job is to market this thing [Bitfi] How to market it better than creating a polemic? "

Fundamentally, McAfee has admitted that it has intentionally started all this drama with Bitfi to draw more attention to its portfolio .

The cryptic enthusiast also spoke about a great new project – his version of CoinMarketCap, called McAfee Market Cap, and the further development of a decentralized cryptographic exchange. Even though the program was launched, the developers had to withdraw it to introduce some updates and improvements.

Of course, the topic of the possible presidential candidate was not excluded from the conversation. Here McAfee said he was not interested in president of the United States, he only intends to apply for the post. According to him:

" The act of finding and creating the president – this is what changes America, so I want to get involved in that . "

Overall, McAfee is very satisfied with everything it is currently doing and the influence it has on the financial world. It is also modestly defined " one of the most important technologists of this world ". However, only time will show whether his ambitious plans will come true.

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