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Since the blockchain technology has become popular, numerous cases of use have been conceived and conceptualized. Even so, only a few of them have made the light of day up to this point. One of these is the potential of the blockchain to bring decentralization and democratization to the creation and storage of content in modern days.

Blockchain works like a P2P platform, which means it offers significantly better ways to create, store and share content. It also works better than centralized platforms like Spotify or Netflix, as they provide their users with open networks, instead of charging fees for even using platforms in the first place. Furthermore, these networks are not governed by third parties, but by the developers themselves.

TRON is a perfect example of one of these platforms and its growth strategy has been a huge success in recent times. The goal of TRON has always been to bring decentralization to the Internet. In this way, content creators would have full control over their content, distribution and everything related to the activities around it. In a recent interview, TRON's creator and CEO, Justin Sun, shared his views on the subject, as well as the goals of TRON and also the recent partnership of the currency with Japan Line.

The Justin Sun interview

During an interview, Sun stated that TRON has become one of the most competitive public chains in the world after celebrating its Independence Day on June 25th. He also said that August 30th is when the TRON VM will officially join the MainNet. Right now, TRON is going very well, and its popularity is constantly growing, with over 200,000 active accounts already on the net.

When asked what were the company's plans for monetary incentives for content creators, Sun said it was always the top priority of TRON. The creation of a healthy ecosystem in which this could be possible was the first step, which is already widely achieved by TRON becoming an important public chain. Once again, Sun has raised the vision of the decentralized web as the ultimate goal of TRON.

Asked about the role of the company in maintaining and managing the network, Sun stated that the whole point has always been providing the best service, which is something that has not changed. The company aims to provide a safe, fast and above all reliable product. This product would be available and usable on mobile and desktop devices alike, which will provide users with constant access and the best possible service.

He went on to add that Project Atlas holds most of the developers' goals at the moment, as it is a huge step forward for TRON and its goal of a fairer internet. He also stressed that the project is working with BitTorrent, which will also help extend the duration of swarms of torrents and also bring additional benefits, such as providing seeders with prizes, adding additional resources to the torrent ecosystem and at the same time way. In the end, the project will revolutionize the way content is shared and consumed.

Sun then talked about the process of adding TRX to a new exchange, saying that the main concern is that the exchange can provide a reliable and safe experience. Every new addition to the exchange network must be user-friendly, provide a mobile experience and, if you are in a country that you are just opening up to scrambled, it is even better. In this way, TRON is available worldwide, which will help decentralize the web on a global scale.

He also reflected on the election of the Super Representative of TRON, saying he felt the need to apply for an SR to make sure that the network will always remain safe and reliable.

Finally, Sun said the addition of TRON to BITBOX was a huge step forward as Japan and Korea are very important markets that do most of the work for the technology and cryptographic industry . Drawing on the potential of this market can only help TRON, as well as its users in these areas, which is why the company is looking forward to further collaborations with BITBOX and LINE.

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