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Justin Sun distributes Tron (TRX) Promise by registering over 80 DApps in their network

Justin Sun distributes Tron (TRX) Promise by registering over 80 DApps in their network

The cryptosphere has been repeatedly shaken by unfounded claims and wild ideas that lead to nothing but downward. This is particularly dangerous in a market as volatile as the current crypto. So it was natural when the CEO of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun promised the community that the coin would introduce over 80 Dapps by the end of the year.

This courageous statement was made at the beginning of November and many considered this as a way to increase publicity. However, Justin and the Tron team kept their promise. Since the currencies have stabilized towards the end of the year, few coins are really pushing the envelope, looking for a better ecosystem so that the industry can thrive again. While the industry has certainly earned from the holiday season, things are all but safe.

Tron fulfills all his goals

In this context of uncertainty, the founder of the Tron Foundation recently announced that the company is a short distance from the promised goal. He took his official Twitter handle and noted: "#TRON has 74 Dapp in @dapp_review now and 80+ protected!" Furthermore, at the time of printing, the 80 DApp threshold had been exceeded.

In addition, the entire network now has triggers of smart contracts in excess of 100 million. These are systems in place to activate the execution of smart contracts. Announcing this milestone to his followers, Justin noted: "Congratulations on the triggered #TRON contracts exceeded 100 million.

Also, since the company meets most of the goals for this year, they are setting up new ones for next year. A new proposal was presented to change the energy limit to 100 billion, the latest for 2018. This has already earned the necessary majority to implement it and will be active by the end of the day on 30 December.

Given the aggressive approach taken by the Tron team, many were impressed. They directed the developers and actively persuaded them to switch to their platform. Twitter was flooded by many asking Justin to take his next year. Even if no projections have been made by the company itself, you can have a pretty decent idea looking at the statistics. As with CoinMarketCap, the tenth classified currency is trading at $ .19 stable, with the price range of $ .14 and $ .24 for some time. With a total capitalization of over $ 1.3 billion, the company has certainly made the right sounds and moves. It is only hoped that this momentum will continue in the new year.

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