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Julen's parents await the end of the ransom at home

theSunday noon was dug 40 meters from the tunnel parallel to the well where a two year old boy fell in Spain. The goal is 60 meters. According to those responsible for the relief operations, who have made a situation at 16:00 local time (15:00 in Lisbon), the work is proceeding very slowly because it is very complex.

Julen's parents, Victoria García and José Roselló, have rested on Thursday in a house of a resident of Totalán, very close to where the rescue operation takes place.

Under the surveillance of the Guardia Civil, the couple was visited by family and friends and also received support from the population. The couple lost a child (Oliver) in 2017 due to a heart problem.

In this tunnel, the rescue operators will introduce a metal capsule that will allow the construction of a horizontal tunnel to get closer to the place where the two-year-old boy falls, fallen into a well last Sunday near his home. in Totalán, Malaga, Spain.

This work, says El País, will be done at a depth of 72 meters (the perforation is 60 meters because it starts 23 meters below the pit hole, ie it reaches 83 meters deep).

The coaches are confident they can reach the boy later this weekend, but work is delayed every time a rock mass is found. It is hoped that the gallery can be built this Sunday, at work started yesterday and that would require at least 20 hours.

"We are confident that the work will take as little time as possible as the conditions from now on are more favorable than those we have found so far," said Ángel García Vidal, leader of the rescue team.

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