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Julen rescue: the 60-meter tunnel is excavated

The rescue of Julen, who is two years old, is about to end. On Monday evening, rescuers had finally dug 60 feet deep. If the tunnel is stable enough, they want to dig with Jack to Jack.

Another day is over, and Julen (2) is still stuck in a narrow well in Andalusia Totalan (Spain) – for more than a week. But after 55 hours, rescuers finally managed to finish the 60-meter-deep horizontal tunnel. The task proved to be tough and took a long time due to the massive rock.

At 9.30pm on Monday evening, El Pais and other Spanish media reported that the tunnel had been excavated. "Finally," the rescue team members said. Now, the rubble must be removed and the tunnel fixed. According to those responsible, this should take about nine hours, practically all night.

After that, the first rescuers want to dive into a cage. From there, the helpers should manually dig a horizontal tunnel into the shaft where the child fell. Eight mining rescue experts will dominate this action. You will descend into a rescue capsule with a diameter of 1.05 meters and a height of 2.5 meters. Three people each have space in the basket-shaped cage. The eight miners will alternate in 30-minute shifts. By hand, they will pierce Julen with picks.

This cage was designed by Julián Moreno, technical director of the Fire Department of Málaga. A blacksmith in the municipality of Alhaurín de la Torre made them quickly.

Julen's father, José Rosello, apparently arrived on the scene of the accident. As reported by El Pais, he was talking to the police.

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Rescuers will Julen on Tuesday?

The entire rescue operation should not take more than 24 hours – so experts could advance Tuesday to the boy. But several similar predictions have not been met. Is this different this time?

Previously, workers already carried 35,000 cubic meters of earth and stones. So far there have been no geological investigations from the soil.

Hope remains

The video recording from the well shows that it is clogged with earth at the end. Experts say it loses air, so Julen can breathe. Rescuers therefore do not give up. However, nobody knows if the two-year-old is still alive.

Tragic: in 2017, Julen's parents had already lost their first child. He died of a heart defect.

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