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Julen (2) is to be saved thanks to a new Schacht plan

It is a fight against time in the south of Spain. For more than four days, Julen (2) is stuck in a tree. Rescuers are now planning to save the child with two parallel tunnels and a platform.

José Roselló (29) and his wife Vicky (29) will embrace their little Julen again (2)? A new rescue plan should give hope to parents.

From Sunday, the boy is stuck in a 107 meter deep well near the southern Spanish village, Totalán. Rescuers tried to save the boy from the hole – without success. The only thing that could be fished until then was the single hair of a two year old boy. Rescuers have brought a camera into the hole, which after 70 meters to a clod of earth, which blocked the opening, has remained to lie. The child should be under it.

Landslides endanger the work

In the first place, therefore, it was the plan to expand the single 25 cm wide hole with a special device and at the same time to drill a horizontal tunnel up to 80 meters long through the slope up to the shaft of the well.

The problem, however, is that landslides endanger the work and engineers are not well aware of the nature of the land on the mountain.

Therefore, the soil should now be removed around the 30-meter hole and then created a platform, writes bild.de. From there, two tunnels are perforated parallel to the well and stabilized with iron pipes. At a depth of 107 meters, miners must dig the path three or four meters long to Julen.

If this project saves his life, however, it is debatable. First, this would take more than a month and, on the other hand, drilling jobs put the safety of the tree at risk. The child could be buried in false movements under the land masses.

The civil engineer Angel García Vidal does not want to give up yet. "We work as fast as we can and do everything for the boy's health," he says.

Parents have already lost a child

For the family, waiting is a torment: only two and a half years ago they lost their first child Oliver († 3). He died of heart failure during a walk on the beach. Now they hope their second son does not meet the same fate.

José Roselló recalls the day of the disaster in "Diario Sur": "We wanted to have a picnic on my cousin's property, I just put wood in the fire for a paella." Wife Vicky had to talk to her employer for a minute. The father should take care of Julen. Julen was suddenly 10 to 15 meters away. My cousin ran after him shouting "the baby, the baby", he continues. He saw the boy slip into the hole and disappear into the ground with his arms raised. "A hole that her husband did in December for water … Illegal because neither the mine nor the authority of water is a permit before, said the regional government spokesman against" El País ".

Julen's father hurried. With the strength of a desperate man he freed the stones around the well that opened to the side. "I put my arm on my shoulder in the hole, I did not know how deep the tree was … My head was on the ground, I heard my son cry, I screamed:" Calm down, your father is here! "" Thirty seconds later, the whining stopped, my father said. Hikers were quick to help. They alerted the police and firefighters. The dramatic rescue operation began. (Man)

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