journalist blames the left for the results of the plebiscite


Through a video posted on your Twitter account, The Colombian journalist described the approval of the referendum in Chile as a postmodern coup – led by the left – which undermines the benefits of economic freedom.

“They have decided to vote on the Constitution. The left and the socialists could not bear that Chile was an example for Latin America and for the whole world where economic freedom works, “he stressed.

According to the reporter, the economic reforms implemented by the ‘Chicago Boys’ during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet have allowed the southern country to be the most prosperous nation in the region, after coming out of the “hell” in which he lived under the government of Salvador Allende (socialist).

“When the Chileans were under the mandate of Allende, the situation was very similar to that experienced today by the Venezuelans, which is why the left does not remember it. People had to stand in huge queues to get food and inflation was skyrocketing, as is always the case in socialism, “he added.

Vallejo, who has always shown sympathy for conservatism and right-wing politics, strongly criticized the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, and He said he was unable to fight to defend the constitution.

The statements of the Colombian communicator and economist have generated comments of all kinds on various social networks. Although some supported it, most users questioned their own analysis.

The Colombian journalist says that in Chile there was a postmodern coup after the plebiscite

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