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In the current San Francisco edition of Tech Crunch Disrupt 2018, users and cryptocurrency owners have had the opportunity to clearly understand cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and ConsenSys from company officers, including Joseph Lubin, Sam Cassatt and Amanda Gutterman.

Lubin, who is also co-founder of Ethereum, has continued to talk about the Ethereum project and version 1 of Ethereum, stating that the main idea of ​​ConsenSys building arose from the need to create application level products. He also stated that there was some nervousness in establishing a blockchain company in the United States and gave it as the only reason that ConsenSys is Switzerland.

In a previous interview Lubin had said:

"ConsenSys helps to accelerate, or even launch, companies and projects that use Ethereum as a platform.We are redesigning the way companies or groups of people will offer services to consumers and other businesses and there are certainly some key issues related to cryptocurrencies, since there are problems with the buttons regarding the law on securities around the world "

The co-founder also added that the road to ConsenSys construction from scratch has been filled with application developers, establishing an app store and creating a reliable accounting system.

Lubin also added that:

"What makes ConsenSys special is the fact that we've had so much to do, but such a lack of infrastructure to help us achieve that goal." This was the point we decided to create our development tools, ended up doing the Metamask, the ConsenSys Academy and even venturing into consultations. "

The panel spoke about the ecosystem within ConsenSys, emphasizing the various projects they were working on more than a thousand people.

Sam Cassatt, ConsenSys Chief Strategy Officer said that the company focuses more on the level of abstractions acquired, rather than on the rigid ideas around which employees must operate. The main objective of the organization is to build a working protocol layer on which to build a plethora of companies and not just applications.

Lubin added to the Cassatt statement stating that the ideology "build what you want" is what allowed Consensus to move towards creating a venture capital firm, creating ecosystems and blockchain consultation ideas .

In addition, Joseph also emphasized the formula of modularization and granulation functionalities within the blockchain space. Amanda Gutterman, Chief Marketing Executive of ConsenSys later spoke about the different products developed by the ConsenSys team: Truffle, the most widely used Ethereum and development framework and Metamask, a google plugin. Metamask was recently in the news when it announced that the plug-in will automatically stop injecting Web3 instances during load durations on Web browsers.

The ConsenSys team reported that the main purpose of the organization is to develop of the blockchain as a whole from the root of the grass level, with a vision to bring the dawn of age & # 39; level application.

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