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Jordan Peterson: controversial psychologist speaking in Zurich

It seems to be repressed and believes that 🙎♀️ have been happier in the past: Jordan Peterson

Some stick to his lips, others want to strangle him: the Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson (56) is probably the most controversial intellectual of the present. Now he appears in Zurich.

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Why not combine the useful with the unpleasant? In fact, psychologist Jordan Peterson wanted to stop in Switzerland in the spring. However, since your daughter is operating in Zurich these days, this Saturday already appears.

Reverend and despised: Jordan Petersen. Image: zvg

Despite the short-term approach, the event was sold out in the Volkshaus in no time. It does not matter where Peterson has performed in recent months, in Australia, Europe or the United States: everywhere the rooms have been filled to the last place. The 56 year old is revered by millions and despised by at least as many.

But where does hate come from? Peterson sees young people oppressed by feminists. He believes that universities are installing a radical left ideology. And he says women were happier in the 50s and 60s than they are today. Oh yes, and that women earn less than men have nothing to do with their gender. Some questions?

Reports on Peterson have long filled the features of the world: for NZZ, it is an academic rock star. The British Guardian calls it "the self-help guru we hate". The titles of "WOZ": "This man is looking for a beating". And the "New York Times" calls it "the most influential intellectual of the present".

Peterson rejects many media requests, but makes an exception to this newspaper: "I admire Switzerland and its independence," he says on the phone. "Obviously you know their value." Often, Peterson talks about taking things in his own hands. Never give up, no, resist, fight. "Lean, mean fighting machine" call it friends and enemies. Once flattering, it once meant abusive.

You're standing, do not lie

His fight against political correctness made him famous. In the summer of 2017, the Canadian government wanted to force the population by law to turn to people with their favorite personal pronoun. He would rather go to prison than submit to this leftist ideology, Peterson said. Above all, universities are interested.

Left-wing activists would lower academic standards so much that gender studies would have little academic value. "Students become indoctrinated as in a cult". If this continues, there will be no more men in human and social sciences in 15 years.

Does this also apply to Swiss universities? "I do not know them in detail," he says. However, he stated in his tour that almost all Western universities have been affected. But this battle does not want to beat the professor of clinical psychology in the university classrooms. "Anyone who wants to talk with me can participate in my events," he says. "I do not need any crazy protest or people screaming at me." He had had enough of his experience in Canada.

In Zurich, as in all its stations, he will talk about his new book: "12 Rules for Life", the name of the bestseller, which is currently being translated into more than 45 languages. It should give people support and structure. However, many of the rules seem trivial: "Stand and stretch your shoulders", "Tell the truth – or at least not lie" or "Clear the room before criticizing the world," he says. This is not revolutionary. "People think these rules are correct," says Peterson. Provides the intellectual background. "People yearn for orientation".

He studied demagogues

But knit as simple as its 12 rules, the Canadian no. It can fascinate people, because only a few succeed. A journalist in the magazine could not believe it: "This man has crawled into my dreams, as I did not know it from my childhood," he writes. "Even if I basically reject everything Peterson represents, I was in his clutches."

Others, however, make Peterson's rhetorical rage cringe. "I was his biggest supporter, now I think it's dangerous," says the former head of his faculty in Toronto. "Peterson has studied authoritarian demagogues and learned from them, especially in dealing with the masses." Peterson contradicts him. He does not like any ideology. "Reflect before speaking, and form your opinion." But yes, he knows how to tie an audience.

Probably will prove it Saturday night in Zurich. And Peterson does not see the time to learn more: "It will not be the last time I come to Switzerland." In May or June he would like to perform again, if possible in different cities.

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