Jon Rahm with a crazy hole in one across the pond


As if a stone slips on the water as if by magic, then sinks into the chosen destination after what seemed like an eternity …

Jon Rahm may have celebrated one of the best golf strokes of all time during a training round ahead of the US Masters on Thursday.

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Ironically, on his 26th birthday, the Spanish golf pro blew the ball over the pond at hole number 16 after a shallow tee on Tuesday, as has always been a tradition in the practice rounds leading up to the legendary Augusta majors.

Golf ball touchdown on the lake – and then …

The ball first hit the surface three times, but not just to land on the opposite side, ideally in a favorable position for a later hit.

Rather, the ball kept moving, snaking in seemingly endless seconds – more precisely: 17 (!) – slowly across the lawn, finally falling into the hole with huge cheers like a notable hole-in-one.

Rahms’ insane performance scared golf fans on social networks and went viral in no time. Above Twitter some have praised “possibly the greatest golf swing you’ve ever seen”.

Sports journalist Tyler Greever of WHAS-TV in Louisville, Kentucky, he couldn’t help but ironically call the spell “one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen in sports.”

It’s just a shame that Rahm, whose farmer and big winner Sergio Garcia is missing from Augusta due to a positive crown test, had to cheer up his heroic feat more or less alone on the spot – in the presence of only a few fellow golfers and their caddy.

Why: Due to the pandemic, spectators are not allowed into the Masters.

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