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Jon Moore on Bitcoin and Litecoin adoption

If you follow Jon Moore on social media, you will definitely be reminded of Roger. The New Jersey BTC and LTC advocate is passionate about his work, and that crypto will change the world for the better. Also, his views on money seem to be Keynesian, and he is partly responsible for the #PayWithLitecoin movement on Twitter.

The main difference between Jon Moore and Roger bringing top-down adoption. Mr. Moore is a member of traditional finance.

We've already given praise to Mr. Moore in the article about Litecoin's 7th anniversary. However, this time we have managed to talk about BTC, LTC, and its restless promotion of crypto as a mean of payment. In this first part of the interview, you will learn more about the energetic Litecoin activism of Jon Moore. You will find a full transcript below.

Jon Moore Interview transcript:

Vlad Costea: Hello and welcome to another Crypto Insider interview! I am met and I am talking to Jon Moore, who I have met at the Litecoin Foundation, and he is one of my heroes because he litecoin. Bitcoin and Litecoin which is huge and this is the kind I'm happy to have you today.

Jon Moore: Awesome, thanks to lot for having me on.

Vlad Costea: I know, I think you're going to be on your Twitter feed, I want you to go Bitcoin and Litecoin and often times I just watch you and I wonder, what is your success rate? I mean, how often do you find people who are enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and do you actually have roadblocks or difficulties in explaining people why they should be accepting them? Or do you get rejections often?

Jon Moore: Yes, I know, you just like anything that you are offering to the public, you get a lot of rejection. It does not matter if it's cryptocurrency, it does not matter, I used to sell coffee … I mean, no matter what the product is, you get a lot of rejection . However, I am looking forward to the business, I am going to be able to accept it, and I am offering regular payments to them, I am setting up their credit card systems a lot of times. So, it's kind of easy to the transition into saying "Hey, how about accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin for payment?"

Like you said, on Twitter I get people interested in it, I have a long list of people that I am going to be meeting with in the future weeks accept it. So, it's exciting, I say focus on people that are interested and do not focus on people who have no interest, that's my best advice to everybody.

Vlad CosteaCan you draw the line and say this business is going to be interested and that one other might be skeptical?

Jon Moore: You know; I guess I kind of feel the business out. I focus on a lot of online businesses, I know businesses that sell items, like e-Commerce websites. Posters are on the public. I'm trying to get out of business owners who are more open-minded, I'll tell you "Hey, great I am happy to help you out with the Litecoin payments on it ", and I show the benefits of it.

It's a "peer-to-peer", "I want to accept it", "I want to accept it", "I'm a peer-to-peer", I know people get their heads around it, people are excited to be getting Litecoin into the business which is awesome. That's what I am after, you know.

Vlad CosteaI have this bear market been an impediment or has people made willing to accept cryptocurrencies just because they hear bad news about the price?

Jon Moore: I know, I do not have that in my mind when I go out there to promote the public. In other words, we are both very into the cryptocurrencies: we both track the price, we know exactly when Bitcoin hit 19,000 and what it's at today. They have heard about it before. Bitcoin and Litecoin, Most people, some people have not even heard of Bitcoin and I have not heard anything about it.

I know, they are not just about price-focused and we are looking for a good payment. The tell people "Look, I want you to invest in it, go ahead, but I am not an investment specialist, that's not my strong". So, we are dealing with different payments, it is a non-issue, one issue would probably be now for payments, when the price is dropping, they want to wait for the Litecoin or Bitcoin goes up in price, which is fine.

I just tell the businesses "Look, set up now, we will accept Bitcoin and Litecoin for payment and that way when the price does move up, you could be amidst people's list of businesses that they want to spend their Litecoin and Bitcoin at ". So, they are basically getting ready for the next bull run. They have everything in place to be our merchant. I know I'm excited about it, it does not stop me at all, it does not deter me, it just affects my own investments, but that's alright.

Vlad Costea: But do these businesses accept to take cryptocurrencies directly in their wallet or do they use some kind of payment processor?

Jon Moore: It's really up to what the owner of the business wants. I know, in general, a business that is going to be a payment processor that converts into the US dollar, which is fine, we will do it. Behind the scenes, it converts it into the gateway that we setup. We like to work at the end of the night, when we are closed out the restaurant, send this stuff to your account, your account, or any type of exchange account they have set up, and sell. "

I'm going to accept the litecoin, especially at these prices right now ", they would say, they are going to run up and then they are going to plan on selling it. So, truly, we can set it up however they want, it's very versatile form of payment, very liquid, so you can … Tell me, you have 3 options when you get Litecoin as a payment, you can deposit it, which means You can turn around and spend the Litecoin, I know there's a vendor set up that sells these businesses need, just keep the money in the Litecoin network and crypto-community.

I am one of them, The restaurant, the restaurant, the restaurant, the restaurant, the restaurant, and the restaurant. on the internet, I'm gonna save money by doing it, and then the third option, some people I tell you, just HODL, you do not want to convert the money right away into a secure wallet, and HODL the coin for a later date and time. I know, it's up to the user what they do with it.

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