Johanna Fadul took pictures with “Juanse” Quintero in bed


“Thank you for agreeing to walk with me in our world, in our adventures and in our dreams. Even if we aren’t perfect, we try to keep our relationship perfectly imperfect“, The actress made her debut in the post of the publication, which already has more than 140 thousand ‘likes’.

Johanna Fadul, who gave her husband a car worth over 45 million, recalled that together they have built everything they have so far, which means that Their work as a couple was successful and they managed to become a great team.

The romantic text, in which the artist summarized everything his life was with ‘Juanse’, was accompanied by a photo gallery in which he wears little clothes and shares caresses, between the sheets, next to him.

In the publication, the actress, who said what she eats to take care of her figure, wore a yellow-toned lingerie, while Quintero wore no clothing on her body, or at least that’s what it looks like from the angles the photos were taken.

Here, the gallery that left the followers of the ‘influencer’ speechless:


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