Joe Biden’s Transition Plan


“We can’t wait to get the job done,” Joe Biden said that night in Wilmington, Delaware. He was standing next to Kamala Harris, who will become his vice president, and could not announce a victory on the third day after the US election. Once again he urged calm and patience, once again he was a statesman and stressed that he was already working to fight the Crown crisis. Americans must leave behind mutual anger and demonization, Biden said. He described the more than 74 million votes he has received so far as a clear mission.

Again this Friday evening it was not possible to do more, because the final results were not yet available. Nothing decisive has changed in the numbers that the nation has been watching for days: 253 votes in the electoral commission are therefore safe for Biden, 213 for Trump. 270 voters are needed to win the elections.

Michigan at the center of Trump’s loyalists

On Friday, Biden had taken Trump out of the lead in both Pennsylvania and Georgia. In Georgia, his lead was about 4,400 votes, but up to 8,410 ballot papers from soldiers and Americans abroad could still count. In Pennsylvania, whose twenty electoral votes would be enough to win Biden under the current situation, he led with nearly 29,000 votes, with 102,000 votes still to be counted. Democrats believe the state will succeed because much of the missing votes come from their stronghold of Philadelphia. An official result was no longer expected on Friday.

The Supreme Court meanwhile confirmed the instruction to count separately the ballot papers that arrived later. The president had recently caught up in Arizona but was still behind Biden. Biden also drove in Nevada. A federal judge on Friday dismissed requests from Republicans to intervene for unfair practices here. Among other things, they claimed their election observers would not be admitted – there was no evidence of this, the judge said.

Given the close range, it is not surprising that Donald Trump supporters want to back up their claims about Democrats “stealing” the election with every real mistake and setback. In the 3,141 districts with their nearly 240 million eligible voters, the infrastructure and financial resources of administrations are very diverse. In all elections, not only individual errors occur, for which there are subsequent correction options, the so-called “cure” of votes – there are also technical incidents that get little public attention in less tight votes.

Now, for Trump’s loyalists, the focus is on the state of Michigan, where a software bug in a county led to a wrong count. Previously, a judge had rejected Trump’s request to stop the count in Michigan. Disputes like the software bug could continue in the following days and weeks.

After accusing Democrats of election fraud in an angry speech Thursday, Trump insisted on Friday that he doubted the election results and still sees himself as the winner. His lead has “disappeared” in a mysterious way, he tweeted – he could win again through litigation. Biden has no right to claim the position of president for himself.

The “Washington Post” reported from Trump’s milieu that he had no intention of acknowledging an electoral defeat in the traditional way with a speech when the time came. However, Trump also released a statement on Friday that was seen as a little more cautious than the rumbling of the previous day’s speech. He called for “full transparency” in the count and “he will never stop fighting for you and for the nation,” he said.

Joe Biden’s team is now preparing a possible transition and handover period. According to the American media, the former vice president wants to build a team for the White House that represents different political directions. The “New York Times” reported that such a team could be determined by the end of November. The transition team would be made up of health, business and technology experts who would primarily focus on the best ways to fight the coronavirus. So far, it’s been speculated that Donald Trump and his employees would collaborate during the delivery period, it’s been said from Biden’s environment – but they also have plans in case they don’t.


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