Joe Biden: “We don’t have a final declaration of victory yet, but the numbers show us it’s clear. We will win this election” – News


“We don’t have a final declaration of victory yet, but the numbers show us it’s clear. They show us a clear and compelling story. We will win this election,” said the Democratic candidate.

“Look what happened since yesterday. 24 hours ago we were back in Georgia, now we have the lead and we will win the state. 24 hours ago we were back in Pennsylvania, and we will win Pennsylvania,” he said. “And now we have the advantage, but we are winning in Arizona, we are winning in Nevada, in fact our advantage has doubled in Nevada. We are on track to reach more than 300 votes in the constituency.”

“We will be the first Democrats to win in Arizona in 24 years. We will be the first Democrats to win in Georgia in 28 years. And we rebuilt the blue wall in the center of the country, which collapsed four years ago. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, le lands in the heart of this country “.

Confident, the Democrat concluded, saying: “We will win these elections with a clear majority and with the support of the nation.”

Biden stressed that “he is not waiting to start work”, having held meetings with Kamala Harris, a candidate for vice president, on the situation of Covid-19 and on the country’s economy. “Even though we are waiting for the final results, I want people to know that we are not waiting to start working. Yesterday Senator Harris and I had meetings with expert groups on the public health and economic crisis that our country faces.” .

The Democrat finally left the declarations on the electoral act and the process of counting the votes. “We both know the tensions are high. They could be high after a controversial election, like the one we had. But we have to remember that we have to stay calm. Patients. Let the process run while all the votes are counted.”

The speech concluded with a call for unity: “We can be adversaries but we are not enemies. We are Americans. We will not agree on many issues, but we can accept to be civil with each other. We must let go of anger. behind”.

Biden’s speech was expected for tonight, but had been postponed at the starting time announced, pending the count of more votes, precisely in Pennsylvania.

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