Jez San is building best online casinos with blockchain


Jez San, founder of FunFair technologies, sees an opportunity in the online gaming market. Common concerns for new players are issues of fairness, access to their money and transparency of operators. San believes that through the adoption of blockchain technology, operators can help answer these questions, and are doing their part by developing games and technology to "unlock the true potential of the blockchain".

Recently, San joined Becky Liggero of to discuss his company's efforts to address these fundamental player concerns. He said: "The initial innovation was how to make players trust online casinos, and the way we got them was to make some fundamental changes to the way casinos work. it's a deposit and you do not need to withdraw, so players do not have to leave their money in casino custody, which will make everyone feel much more comfortable playing at an online casino.We can make the games clearly fair for both random numbers for both the same game logic, which is in smart contracts, running on the blockchain. "

He knows that at the moment blockchain technology is not yet a common language for all viewers, so he is focusing on those who are already interested. San explained: "We are pursuing the cryptic public, people who already understand cryptocurrency and blockchain and already know sentences that are demonstrably correct, so they will be our low fruit, and eventually we will be able to work with payment processors aboard people. Normals who have never heard of Crypto before, but still want to get the benefit of equity and trust of the technology we've invented. "

Regardless of the players' interest, San will first have to make sure he is good with the regulators, and this is also a process that will have to take steps. He noted: "Some regulators are very pro blockchain and want to take advantage of new technology and improvements in player equity, some regulators are a bit slow and will need more education".

He expects these more prudent regulators to come to an end, saying, "We hope they will see in due course that we will be able to show that this is the fairest possible game players can get and that their funds are better protected than ever. And we hope that the regulators who, at this moment are saying no to the blockchain, we hope that, in a year or two, perhaps they will arrive. "

At present, US regulators on the whole may need more time to grow, so FunFair is participating in US gaming conferences such as Global Gaming Expo to help educate the industry. San explained: "I think he is spreading the word and teaching, because we have done something completely new that is very innovative and many people do not understand what we are doing, some people even think that blockchain and cryptocurrency are a dirty word. That's really a reason why we're doing this, and that the advantages for the player and the casino are extremely interesting, and maybe we'll be able to convince some of them. "

At the moment, however, San still does not expect the American buy-in, but does not rule it out in the future. "For the time being, we have not focused on the US Regulators of the United States, we will probably enter the category of very conservative, and probably will not be the first to embrace a new technology as a blockchain, but hopefully in due course, perhaps one of farsighted ones like New Jersey will consider something like that. "


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