Jessica Cediel is suing Mack Roesch in Colombia


During the broadcast, the news assured that the Colombian presenter considered it necessary to file a complaint in Colombia – the first in the United States – against the athlete, who She slandered on social media and allegedly accused the media of talking about her.

Jessica Cediel had already said that Mack had illegally entered her apartment in Miami (USA) and, despite having assured that she had left her story behind It was possible to verify that until November 6 he continued to harass her.

The TV host added to RCN News that the trial was no longer for the ring, which allegedly did not want to return, because Because of Roesch’s behavior, he fears for his integrity and that of his family.

“I had to go to the authorities in Colombia and the United States”added Jessica, who will be represented by lawyer Julián Quintana and the case is already in the hands of a prosecutor; with the process, she wants the athlete to stop harassing and defaming herWell, he also found out if they had sex

Here is the report that the entertainment space director gave on the case of Cediel and her ex-boyfriend:


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