Japan and the United States launch massive military exercises as Beijing intensifies its activity in the East China Sea


The exercises, which will last until 5 November, will involve approximately 46,000 Japanese and American soldiers.

U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and Japanese Self-Defense Forces kicked off joint military exercises on Monday Keen Sword (KS21). It is the island nation’s largest biennial military exercise and the first since Yoshihide Suga replaced Shinzo Abe as prime minister.

Upon taking office last month, the new leader pledged, among other things, to continue military preparedness to counter Beijing, which claims Tokyo-controlled islands in the East China Sea.

The exercises will take place until November 5 at military installations in central Japan, as well as in Okinawa prefecture – which includes more than 150 islands in the disputed sea – and surrounding territorial waters.

The KS21s involve approximately 46,000 troops, including 9,000 Americans, and dozens of warships, including the USS Ashland, HMCS Winnipeg and the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier strike group, which is also accompanied by the Kaga the largest of the warships of Japan, with a length of 248 meters.

The United States, Japan and Australia conduct joint naval exercises in the South China Sea

Aside from naval, land and air training, the military will have to test themselves for the first time in the oddities of electronic and cyber warfare.

Worrying situation “

“The security situation in Japan is becoming increasingly serious. This gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the Japan-US alliance,” Japan’s main military commander, General Koji Yamazaki, said from the Kaga. quoted by Reuters.

In turn, Kevin Schneider, a US Air Force Lieutenant General, admitted that both Washington and Tokyo are concerned about China’s recent activity in areas such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and the South China Sea. For Japan, this is in particular Beijing’s naval activity around disputed islands in the East China Sea.

In turn, China has reiterated that its intentions in the region are peaceful. In addition, the Asian giant has repeatedly condemned the United States for selling weapons worth $ 1.8 billion to Taiwan, arguing that Washington therefore violates both the “one China” principle and joint statements by Beijing and This Time It “severely undermines” China’s sovereignty and security interests, China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Monday.

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