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Jade Logistics launches the CargoChain blockchain platform

David Lindsay (Jade Logistics)

David Lindsay (Jade Logistics)

The port software company Jade Logistics is launching a new business using blockchain technology to increase trust in supply chains.

Jade Logistics's Christchurch-based CargoChain platform was born from the inability to share supply chain information between multiple parties.

"We first looked at it with the ports and then we looked at the whole supply chain, and the problems were the same," said David Lindsay, CEO of CargoChain.

After five years of research and development, CargoChain has created a platform for sharing and innovating load information that supports the distribution of previously unavailable load information, as well as the development of third-party applications.

"We believe the collaborative and independent nature of the CargoChain platform is the first for global industry," said Lindsay. "The proposal is made even more powerful as today's consumers require trust, while those involved in the supply chain require full transparency and visibility."

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