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Italy announces 30 experts to lead the national blockchain strategy

The Italian government has published a list of 30 experts gathered to develop the nation's blockchain strategy.

The Ministry of Economic Development published Thursday's list reveals a pool of expertise in areas such as business, academic research, IT and law – of course, all with the knowledge and experience of blockchain technology.

Among the noteworthy figures are Angiolini Giorgio, head of the marketing portfolio at an Italtel telecommunications company and also a member of the blockchain group of UN INFO; Monaco Marco, leader of the blockchain competence center of PWC Italia; Pimpinella Martino Maurizio, president of the Italian Association of payment service providers; and Vitale Marco, president of the Blockchain Studio Quadrans Foundation.

The ministry initially had named for the members of the group in September, saying that at the moment the fundamental priority of the country is "to know, deepen and address the problem of distributed accounting technologies (DLT) and blockchain, as well as increase public and private investment in this direction. "

The group will work to identify potential cases of blockchain use in public and private services and to develop the technical and regulatory tools necessary to promote the adoption of technology, according to the September statement of the ministry.

Luigi Di Maio, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, commented at the time: "Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain are destined to radically change our lives, the society in which we live and the economic and productive of the country, we have to decide which way to go. "

At the beginning of this month, Italy signed a joint statement along with six other southern states of the EU that claim to take a lead role on the blockchain in order to transform its economy.

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