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It is necessary to increase the petrol to increase the foreign currency

20 January 2019 15:29
Updated 20 January 2019 15:40

Jesús Faría justified this summer the economic measures implemented by Nicolás Maduro and stressed that the way to increase the foreign currency is to increase the value of petrol.

"The fiscal balance, the pursuit of fiscal balance but we missed it, the price increase of gasoline, something we must develop to increase tax revenue, stop generating inorganic money." Gasoline is given, practically and mldr, which is absolutely necessary "Faría said in a program of Televen.

He said that the salary increase announced by Maduro is justified due to the increase in prices on the market. "The increase in salaries is absolutely justified by the price increase, and those who make speculation a daily and criminal act against the population say that this (the increase in salary) can not be possible because this will generate more inflation, "he pointed out.

The official leader claimed that the country's economy is based on speculation and that the measures implemented by Maduro are correct.

"There is a speculative force that threatens the country, but Maduro has declared something very important: it will put at the head of the oil problem because we have not been able to recover oil production and this is the key to the whole situation. The currency is the only source of guaranteed foreign exchange we have is oil, "he added.

He indicated that they did not resort to the International Monetary Fund because of the policies they have. "This is discarded because they have a policy of imposing an economic agenda that would represent the dismemberment of the state, privatize everything, deliver the reserves to the transnationals," he said.

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