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"Israeli Shawarma" .. controversy through the communication sites inside the Arab world and out!



The Haaretz newspaper published a report that sparked controversy on social networking sites in the Arab world and beyond, after claiming that the shawarma is of Israeli origin.

The Haaretz report angered social networking sites: some Arabs and other Arab converts saw the Israeli shawarma as "an occupation of shawarma".

Some of the faithful pointed out that the Israeli occupation not only stole Palestinian land, but also stripped the Palestinian people of its legacy, leaving nothing but a Palestinian and denying it as the Palestinian habit, falafels and other traditions and traditions of the Palestinian people.

One of the recruits said that the Israeli mentality is a people that has no civilization or history, and that is a bankrupt entity that lives by fraud, deception and occupation of peoples' skills. Shawarma will not be the last of the "Israel" series and the sequestration of nations' civilizations.

Some of the faithful pointed out that the origin of the shawarma was Palestinian, while some said it was Syrian, Turkish or Lebanese.

For the Lebanese, nothing compares to the taste of Lebanese shawarma, despite the spread of restaurants that recently offer Turkish shawarma, and no matter how different tastes are, it is one of the types of oriental cuisine, which is rooted in the Levant.

The origin of Shawarma

Shawarma is a kind of oriental cuisine, an oriental dish best known in most Arab countries during Ottoman rule, whose popularity has recently become a widespread global standard in many countries.

"Shawarma is especially roasted meat from heat and radiation from a source of heat, which can be an electrical source, gas or coal," says chef Radwan Abu Zaki of the Mövenpick Hotel in Beirut.

The origin of the word Shawerma is completed by Abu Zaki: "The origin of the word Shawerma in the Turkish language, particularly in the region of Anatolia in Turkey, which is known as" çevirme ", which means rotation because of the rotation of the Sikhs There are dishes like the shawarma like Donner Kebab, The turn is a Greek dish and the Terna is an Armenian dish, and it also means the rotation of the Sikhs, and the shawarma is known in the west as the duneer, which is a horseradish or lamb on a vertical skewer in front of a coal or gas fire or a side grill, and between layers of meat to add a taste of fat.

The outer surface is cut as chips when served. Sikhs are mixed from the meat on the side of the fire so that the outer layers are cooked evenly, usually the tahini sauce is used as a sauce, while the doner kebab is of origin Turkish and spreads in Western countries and uses no fat. Beef or chicken meat Honey is usually used in the West as a sauce for vaccinations.

Some fries are added to enhance the dish. Chicken syrups are of Syrian origin and ripen like normal shawarma and usually use garlic sauce with oil and egg whites as a sauce.

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