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Israel limits the ownership of Jews in Arab countries. How much capacity?

Israel has revealed, for the first time, the ownership of Jews in Arab countries, according to a report released on Israeli television.

The report states that "the property of the Jews lost in the Arab countries amounted to about 250 billion dollars".

The television said that Jews have a property estimated at 50 billion dollars only in Tunisia and Libya.

For the first time, Israel offers official recognition of the value of Jewish property lost in Arab countries.

According to the source, "the Israeli", the disclosure of these huge figures comes in the context of the preparations for what has become known as the "business of the century" on which the United States was called.

Israel plans to demand compensation for the remaining Jewish property in Arab countries, the website said.

The Jewish property lost, according to Israeli television, is found in Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Yemen, Tunisia and Libya.

In 2010, the Israeli Knesset passed a law demanding compensation for all peace negotiations.

It is remarkable that Israeli television claimed that if property were returned or valued, it would not benefit Arab Jews, but would be placed in a special international fund for Israel.

"The time has come to correct the historical injustice caused by the massacres organized in the Arab countries and by Iran and to restore the property that hundreds of thousands of Jews have lost to their owners," said the source cited by the Israeli social affairs minister Gila Gamal.

"We can not talk about the Middle East without considering the Jews who had to leave the developed Jewish communities in the shadow of violence, and the crimes against Jews must be recognized," he said.

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