Is Tron 200 times faster than ETH?


The entrepreneur presented a new version of Odyssey 3.1 for developers and owners of decentralized applications. The exit took place on October 8th.

The head of the cryptostartape said the network will not only work faster, but it would also be 100 times cheaper than its other competitor, EOS. He noted that the system is designed for both ordinary users and developers.

The former will be able to use the TRON Committee and Tron Virtual Machine and developers will test their smart contracts before switching to the main network.

Interestingly, this news did not positively influence the altcoin course. During the day, he lost more than 3% and today costs $ 0.02.

In August, Justin Sun announced the addition of a TRX token to the CoinSwitch platform. According to him, the daily volume of trade on the cryptocurrency aggregator reached $ 1 million. Furthermore, Tron is now available as a means of payment on the CoinPayments platform. Altcoin is trading on 60 major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Bibox, Bittrex,, Bitfinex and others.

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