Is the Ripple (XRP) value on the edge now able to skyrocket?


Launched in 2012 as a currency exchange, a remittance network and a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), Ripple (XRP) also known as the Ripple protocol or ripple transaction protocol (RTXP) is based on a book master or shared and public database. Many financial institutions widely adopt XRP, payment networks widely used by many leading companies such as UBS, Santander and Unicredit. Ripple undoubtedly has some advantages over other important virtual currencies such as bitcoins.

It is true that this cross-border payment system is one of the most popular digital currencies in the realm of virtual currencies. One of the main advantages of Ripple (XRP) is that it does not present common problems such as high transaction rates and long transaction times. However, despite having great advantages, the market environment at the time has been and continues to evaluate the price of Ripple too low.

According to the assessments made by experts in the cryptocurrency market, the future of this precious digital currency will be quite bright in the coming years. But is the question valid when we start to see Ripple's XRP prices go up?

Ripple (XRP) in the remaining months of 2018

Many are asking for the Ripple course (XRP) that will take in the remaining months of this year. Ripple is still the third most significant virtual currency by market capitalization. While those approaching the cryptocurrency blockchain shower praise for everything that is done to make Ripple (XRP) meaningful for real-life uses, there are some who are still searching for answers.

For example, many users are still unsure of the role and relevance of Ripple Labs in XRP performance. Also, we did not know the verdict of the court case investigating whether Ripple (XRP) was a title or not just a couple of days ago. Now we know however, and it is that Ripple (XRP) is not a security. Great.

That said, Ripple could see drastic positive price changes in 2018, despite the negative and persistent questions (which are answered positively). There is no doubt that the benefits of Ripple outweigh the negatives, and this could be why XRP prices would increase over the course of the year. Some of the reasons I think they can affect Ripple's prices this year include:

  1. Easy access to Ripple. The ripple is everywhere while the digital currency is listed on several major exchanges, including Revolut, a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  2. Ripple proposes to cure some of the most annoying problems in the financial sector that include high transaction fees and low transaction speeds.
  3. Ripple continues to expand its partnerships with the latest announced a few weeks ago. On May 26, Kuwait Finance House (and only a couple of days later, the National Bank of Kuwait) announced that it had signed an agreement with Ripple to begin the use of RippleNet.
  4. Ripple seems to continually make news headlines, announcing one project after another. A few months ago, Ripple publicized the Xpring initiative at this year's Consensus. Furthermore, Ripple's xRapid continues to shine, making huge strides in the financial sector.

Final thoughts

Ripple continues to have a huge influence on the global market for virtual currencies. With its recent development and partnership in a market where the market segment determines volatility, its recent progress would further improve its value.

Although it is difficult to pinpoint a specific date where Ripple's prices will rise, but we will look at partnerships like Santander's, a consortium of 60 Asian banks that are examining the possibility of developing an application based on Ripple technology and different institutions. worldwide, we can only say that the near future of this digital currency seems very promising. There are more than 1,600 virtual currencies today, but there is no doubt that Ripple is one of the main currencies in the package. So, its prices are likely to rise soon, the increase may not happen quickly – but it will.

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