Is the Arab world demanding the return of the settlers?


11 – August – 2020

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French President Emmanuel Macron’s tour of the Lebanese streets hours after the Beirut disaster, and the desire of the people to warmly embrace him and talk to him, express their grievances and the bitterness of their pain and anguish of their lives, and their despair by politicians and those who were called kings of sects, kindled in the minds and gave off the thirst for political void, absence People are the ones who shed their tears and embrace their demands, which leads to the plight of others among the Arabs, for an important question: Are the Arabs begging for the return of their settlers?
The quickest response for the vast majority is denial, especially the firm belief that today’s scenes are nothing more than the product of the colonial situation that led to the Sykes-Picot agreement and the division of the Arab world, and its distribution of the spoils in the form of states that have contributed to the existing state of political, geographical and religious heartbreak, which has led to the dispersion of wealth, The birth of ruling families and layers of influence, spaces of exclusivity and the obvious disturbances that the Arab world suffered for decades, decades ago, have led to our situation today.
But the accumulations of previous decades and the results of the Arab Spring, the intractability of political conditions in some Arab countries and their effects in Lebanon, the state of the warring sects and the sharing of the spoils there, the aggravation of the failure of political quotas for providing the required protection and prosperity and escalating demands for reform, especially after the resigned government failed to deliver the desired change, all provided the ground needed for the French president to appear as a savior. The inability of any Lebanese political figure to go out on the street, talk to people, and the total absence of a scene of contact on the ground with people and his condolences have contributed to the decline of the scene more and more according to many, but this has strengthened the limitation of the presence of some in the first hours after the explosion to a symbolic visit to some of them. Some of them and their allies by other leaders, and even their limited evacuation from the camp was surrounded by the military, or a handful of supporters and a small army of photographers, which worsened the image, according to the Lebanese. .

The paralysis that has plagued the state apparatus, as a result of existing reality, is what will embody what Macron wanted it to appear to play the protective role, not the guardian role.

Therefore, many believe that political history, historical leadership, sect leadership and accumulated positions, positions and governments were not enough to notify any of Lebanon’s security and safety leaders, after the painful explosion, that they were present. among the people, not even a crowd of his supporters, especially since that explosion generated a great moral explosion in the issue of the Lebanese, especially because it came after months of protests that, before the explosion in Beirut, did not lead to any significant progress in changing the living reality and society that emerged from its tragedies, but it seemed that it was approaching day by day from the abyss, with the near collapse of the banking system AND the local currency and the components of the national economy as a whole. Lebanon shares in its sadness and painful reality many Arab countries, which have been destroyed by the Arab Spring until they are suffering from the end of security and the lack of democracy, the prevalence of chaos, the continuation of fighting, the suicide of freedom and the absence of the state, so their people hope for the return of the colonized as a better option than the situation in which they live?
I think that some people’s speech about Macron in Lebanon, and the speech of others from Arabism about the return of the colonialists, is a momentary reflection of the state of frustration, moral decline, decline of hope and loss of opportunity, but inevitably and under conditions. quieter does not constitute a credible request. Arabic is inherently more prone to his affection, which explains his tendency to exaggerate in expressing his feelings when angry, so perhaps despair can lead people to speak renewing himself at this level, or more. Macron will return in the coming weeks, and his presence will bring the speech back to the same square, but it will strengthen it even more, especially with the entry into the scene of the Lebanese government with the resignation of the government, in a state of stalemate, the absence of the effective presence of political leaders on the field, and the state of paralysis that afflicted the state apparatus, due to the existing reality. He will embody what Macron wanted him to look like a brace, not a brace. Macron visited Lebanon, hugged its people, sent his aid, hosted a conference of supporters, and acknowledged what was promised, that aid will come through international institutions, not the Lebanese state, but all of it. it will not lead to a return to history, but rather it would be a platform for the retrieval and organization of documents and the return of Lebanon For the freshness that everyone knew about him, so that we are all Palestinians and Arabs, a supporting and ongoing factor in our victory for Lebanon and its territorial integrity, and the security of its people with whom we have historically shared blood, position and will to live.
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