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is improving intelligence on cyber threats and security the new role of blockchain?

Despite the news of hack, against and scams in
crypts and exchanges, the truth is that the current Blockchain have not been compromised in their inaccessible or
immutable nature.

Blockchains are generally
embodied by security and security for storing data on its FL. They
traditionally the use depends on trust
model to be completely reliable. On the principle of protection, it will do it
it makes sense to start applying the Blockchain initiative to an emerging movement in information security

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Now it is more evident and evident
those new technologies including AI (Artificial Intelligence), Internet of Things e
Blockchain technology can benefit from mutual collaboration to solve their flaws. Threat intelligence
it is another example of this emerging area of ​​technological innovation that can
lean on the Blockchain to support its application.

What problems does Threat Intelligence present?

The threat intelligence is basically
an essential and applicable method to deal with cyber threats, which has become increasingly sophisticated and
devastating. The Threat Intelligence feature is put in place to spread news about new threats
and to ensure that a vast network is established for the danger before a
the infection occurs

Despite the promise of intelligence on threats, there are still
many problems affecting the sector. A large number of competing companies put
time and effort in researching and documenting similar threats, while other threats are not
documented, researched, or

Encapsulation of capitalist data
is an example of something that affects Threat Intelligence & # 39;
potential. The way it is currently present is the current Threat Intelligence
the community is more of a situation than a section of the privileged few against
they & # 39 ;.

An alternative form of precious data

Because data derived from threat intelligence is of high value,
and there is a massive influx that varies in utility, those that affirm
the ownership of it has enormous power to exercise under a centralized framework. The data itself is not as open or readily available
available. It is not transparent or open-source.

Most of these challenges are clearly
put in place for the Blockchain to intervene regarding conservation and
distributing data in a transparent and open manner as well as cultivating a fairer one
market environment. Data should still be incentivized. However, to be
putting on a Blockchain would make sure that there are no problems like a centralized bias.

The Blockchain Initiative is the answer

When a threat occurs, information about what has happened and how it should be overcome can be confusing, convoluted and neglected. The Blockchain can
define efficiently how the problem occurred.

The blockchains generally allow parties from all over the world to get to
consensus on the truth about "what happened". Despite the fact that this may seem like a simple task, it was actually difficult
try to ask participants what they could
they do not necessarily show trust between them. With the data to strip on
Blockchain, so that everyone can see and use it, there is no reason to have power
of & # 39; marketing it.

Users will have the ability to access data based on
merit and performance. This will do
the entire market for threat information is fairer and less unjustifiable
competitive. Bitcoin.

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