A few days ago I had the opportunity to interview Ludovic Thomas, one of the co-founders of Alpinemining, an encrusted mining company based in Gondo, Switzerland. What interests their story to them. They have a strong business model and are also introducing new services and are climbing to new mining sites across the country, here is their story

How old did it work?

Well, it's been a long time. Some of us had invested in cloud mining about 3 years ago when DASH was still called DarkCoin. Then, in the end, we started buying our hardware two years ago. Initially we started mining in a bicycle storage next to my building. People believed we were just strange children playing with graphics cards. I remember one night we were having problems with the heat and trying to build a home extraction system, suddenly one of the neighbors started throwing tomatoes at us. An old fashioned way to express your dissatisfaction!

What was the inspiration for the start?

The more we were reading about blockchain technology, the more we know that there was something exciting about this technology and so much potential behind it. Eventually it became a passion. We realized then that we had to be fully involved in this revolution.

With what exciting technology did you play?

The team has been working on various things lately. We have developed our own panel to allow the customer to access his miner.
Christophe, CTO and co-founder is learning how to change the BIOS of GPUs for years and now, with special sub-level and custom memory intervals, we can get about 35% more hashes per watt. Now it is developing our operating system based on Arch Linux with a custom kernel. He also developed our swimming pool.

From our last chat, it seems like you have a fantastic business model! What is your value proposition? (What makes you different from others?)

First of all, and as a Swiss company, our main concern is to provide quality service. We listen or read too often, people who complain about network problems, non-existent customer services or problems with the payment of coins, especially in mining services (even by young people like Genesis mining).

We have also presented the situation and position. Our services are based on the Alps, where the environment is ideal for mining, and since we have many hydroelectric power stations with flowing water, we can get a green energy carrier, at a competitive price because we represent a buffer for electricity suppliers.

Our long-term goal is not to extract cryptocurrencies exclusively. Our goal is to be a heat supplier for industrial partners through mining encryption.

In the same way, our activity depends on the hardware. However we have selected the hardware so that mining is no longer profitable, we can use and sell the computing power we generate to provide deep learning activities, weather network, 3D rendering, etc.

Usually you get users and customers, who would both be for your business?

The customers are all people who want to take part in the mining technology to get in exchange for FIAT currencies a service that will provide them cryptocurrency.

Users are all people who use Blockchain technology that we protect through our business.

Tell me more about the founders, how did you start working on this concept?

The project was initially created by Christophe Lillo and me. He had already undermined himself and already had extensive knowledge about it. His passion convinced me to invest in hardware and so everything started. Then Théo Martinet, a classmate, joined us. He himself dug himself in his dress. It started already from there, and then the team got bigger and bigger, and I think it will still be like that in a few months.

I would also like to know more about your team, what can you tell us about them?
Well, the team initially was a group of friends, who shared a mutual interest in blockchain technology. The team is made up of several skillful people who all come from a different educational background. It's funny how we ended up in this. There is a practical and practical attitude within the team. We manage every specific element of the process, from the infrastructure to security and all the rest. We have built ourselves the electrical installation, designed the platforms, even the cooling system was created by us, etc.

Most of us live in Gondo, so there's a fantastic team spirit and a good dose of energy.

Your office is in Gondo, Switzerland. How is it working for you?
Gondo is in the middle of nowhere in the Alps. It is actually on the Swiss and Italian border. The village is tiny and there is not much to do, so it becomes very productive here 🙂 I guess we can say it's going well for us in the last few months.

We have chosen this position for several reasons:

– Switzerland is a politically stable and very crypto-friendly country. This is important for us to know that no major adjustment changes will come soon. I would feel comfortable building a mining company in another country that would not be as stable.

– There are 3 hydroelectric stations in the municipality that give us a source of clean energy, which was for us primordial. Through an agreement with the municipality, we benefit from the cheapest price of electricity in Switzerland.

– The Alpine climate is another reason why we can reduce costs on cooling systems.

I remember you said that there is a very interesting story behind the Gondo story, can you tell us all about it?
In fact, the story of Gondo is quite interesting. Gondo is famous in Switzerland for its historical links with the extraction of gold. During the mid-16th century, the Gondo region was overwhelmed by a gold rush that significantly increased the local demographic data. The last remnants of gold mining in the region stopped in the late nineteenth century. From this period on, there was a steady decline in population numbers. At the height of the gold rush, Gondo housed up to 400 residents while today, less than 40 people live in this village (once booming). In October 2000, the village was destroyed by a landslide that killed 14 people. Nowadays, there are only 20 people living here today. Through our activities in the region, we are reinvigorating this community with the second wave of mining, this time with cryptocurrencies.

Some exciting announcements for 2018?

Various ads that I can not reveal yet, I think you'll have to interview us again 🙂

Any other information you would like to add to readers?

Well, keep an eye on the website www.alpinemining.ch exciting news arrives in 2018!

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