Is BCH Ticker still active? Is it still a living currency?


Bitcoin Cash ended on November 15 when it split into Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV

Bitcoin Cash ended on November 15 when it split into Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV, yet CoinMarketCap continues to show BCH as the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The reason is that some trades have declared Bitcoin Cash ABC as the "winner" of the fork battle and are now listing it under the BCH ticker.

In a recent statement, Huobi (the third largest volume exchange) announced: "Bitcoin Cash ABC to Be Re-designated BCH and Bitcoin SV (BSV) Trading Announcement Huobi Global has confirmed that the ABC version of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be maintained for the designation of BCH."

A similar decision was taken by other major exchanges such as Kraken, Bitstamp and Coinbase, so we will probably continue to see the BCH ticker on CoinMarketCap, but its price will soon be adjusted.

Graphs at a glance – BCHABC / USDT

graphics at a glance

At the beginning of his "life" BCHABC established the support for 230, which at the time was its lowest price against Tether. Now that the minimum has been interrupted, the pair has returned above the level almost immediately, has confirmed support and seems to be preparing for a higher rebound.

The difference in level below 230 has taken the Relative Strength Index below its level 30, marking oversold conditions and thus increasing the chances of a bullish move that will have 250 as an immediate objective. This is not so much a technical level but rather a psychological one; the same applies to all complete levels (numbers like 250, 300, 350). However, keep in mind that the BCH market is very young, not fully developed and goes from a few days' perspective.

Support zone: 230

Resistance zone: 250 followed by 298 – 300

The most likely scenario: bounces higher, but generally moved

Alternative scenario: new break of 230 and displacement in 200 areas

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