Iranian tide and Arab land burning for how long?


Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine are Iranian-triggered crises in the region, devastation, destruction and demolition of states, affairs of states and demands of their people, which is what Iran has always sought in its attempt to sabotage the Arab world from within to weaken Arab countries and even destroy them and try to control them and the capabilities of their people in order to revive the Persian state in the Arab region.

The repugnant and rejected Iranian behavior has made the Iranian regime a pariah of all Arab and Islamic countries, as it has pursued throughout its history by instigating unrest in all opportunities and occasions until the Hajj season spared trouble. and the Iranian crises that are always repeated in every season, which prompted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to take security measures and measures A doubling of every season of the Hajj due to the anomalous hostile behavior of Iran.

The Iranian regime has endeavored to demolish and oppose those countries and has spread repeated examples of Hezbollah throughout the Arab countries. It has had success with Lebanon under the pretext of resistance against Israel and likewise with Iraq, claiming to resist what they have called the American occupation of Iraq even with the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. Iraqi Hezbollah continued. In his violent terrorist and fascist practices with Iraqi protesters who refused his presence and his representatives.

In Palestine, he tried to support Hamas in Gaza to control the Palestinian resistance, especially as the Palestinian state continues to resist with the Israeli occupation, and the resistance will not be held back until relying on the implementation of real peace agreements between Palestinians and Israelis. Rather, Iran sought to penetrate the Egyptian interior. With the smuggling of weapons from the tunnels between Gaza and North Sinai, especially after the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted from power in Egypt after the revolution of 30 June 2013, after the Iranian regime’s relentless quest to penetrate Egyptian society through the door of the terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Iranian regime does not rule out any way of controlling Arab and Islamic countries, sometimes you find it by trying to control it with money and material aid, other times with weapons and logistical support for some armed groups, and other times by spreading Shiite thinking in any way to achieve their evil ends.

Finally, the Iranian terrorist regime has found the desired target for the Qatari regime, which has always insisted on deviating from Arab consensus and Arab unity to become a pariah member of the Arab family. The Iranian and Qatari regime have signed agreements one after another in the fields of energy, military defense, security cooperation, mining, investment and more.

The rogue state of Qatar has also hired Qatari banks to help their Iranian counterparts, in violation of international consensus and sanctions imposed on the Iranian regime. Many Iranian banks have opened accounts in Qatar with the aim of making foreign currency transfers through them. As a result, Iranian businessmen have changed their exchange relations with Qatar and a procedure for their transfers through Qatari banks.

Despite the sectarian difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran, the two sides met their terrorist and hostile interests in Arab countries, as Iran found in Qatar a way to obtain terrorist and bloody fatwas through Sheikh Yusuf al- Qaradawi, who aided them in the terrorist operations that Iran had organized in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and other Arab countries That Iran penetrates through fatwas that allow them to kill, destroy and reach orgasm in Arab and Islamic countries .

Iran and its rogue ally Qatar seek to spread and support terrorism and violence, each in their own way, either by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood from Qatar or Hezbollah in the various Arab countries that Iran is trying to penetrate into its territorial integrity through the fascist party.

There is nothing more evident than the reactions of the Iranians and Qatar in the wake of the disasters and terrorist incidents taking place in various Arab and Islamic countries, which always carry a formula of gloating in regimes and intrigues and joy over the numbers of martyrs. going to the victims of those dirty operations, the latest of which was the Beirut Port crime, the explosion of Iranian leader Ali Khamene, considered by the Iranian Ali Khamene Supreme explosion. In his tweet on Twitter, a badge, e said that the Beirut blast is a badge Lebanon will be proud of, and no one knows what anyone can boast of such an explosion unless the Lebanese people can get rid of. of terrorism lurking in their land and ousting Hezbollah, which is Iran’s representative in Lebanon.

Gentlemen, all Arab countries must work to oust terrorist groups that take the approach of violence and desecrate the land, honor and blood from their countries without relentlessly and openly declaring a boycott of the countries that support these groups and are trying to counter and even destroy Arab countries from within, as Iran, Qatar and Turkey are doing, so what failed In it, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and its Iranian return in partnership with Qatar and Turkey is the same in which the Houthi group and its Iranian return to Yemen have failed, which is what Hezbollah and its Iranian return to Lebanon have failed so far. Let us all strive to eradicate the roots of black terrorism, resist religious fascism and destroy the tools of the supporting countries. This devastation is for the sake of a better future that the peoples of all Arab countries deserve.

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