IOTA, Litecoin Post Impressive Gains. Crypto Winter Over?


Latest IOTA news

IOTA is at the forefront of exploration and development of solutions for different use cases. After announcing Alpha and Omega, adopting a similar approach to Cardano which is perhaps the best way to structure long-term projects by ensuring that the existing business model is connected to innovation and development, IOTA has released to a public selected the results of their four-month commitment with Audi.

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During this test and research phase, the IOTA Foundation served as a consultant helping automotive production to explore use cases, creating appropriate business models and advising them on efficient technologies at every stage.

Meanwhile, Audi interviewed and researched experts before creating the first prototype. In addition, their collaboration has shown which companies will benefit from the adoption of a business model that gives priority to customers.

IOTA price analysis (IOT / USD)

Litecoin price analysis

From coin chasers, IOTA is the top performer who adds 16 percent in the last day. Clearly, IOTA has found support at 20 cents and the refusal of these lower lows is the peak of December 15 in market participation. Note that the volumes were almost 5 times the average saliva from 1 million to about 5 million.

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The same move was replicated on December 17 when prices have raised prices above 25 cents of previous resistance, now they support trigger purchases. Now that our business conditions have been fulfilled, we recommend that you load on each withdrawal or pending prices over 30 cents. For this reason, our commercial IOT / USD plan will be as follows:

Buy: 30 cents or 25 cents

Stop: 28 cents, 23 cents

First goals: 40 cents, 50 cents

Litecoin price analysis (LTC / USD)

Litecoin price analysis

Like the IOTA, the LTC rose 7.7% in the last day and in a bullish model on Dec. 17, we expect prices to expand towards $ 40 and even $ 50 by the end of the year. ;year. For this reason, we recommend looking for long positions with the option of a further fine tuning in lower time intervals preferably in the 1HR table.

Ideally, the continuation of the trend must be printed once prices exceed $ 31, but if prices rebound again, better opportunities are presented, retesting the lower support zone from $ 25 to $ 26 in the next few hours. In this case, traders will charge on-site with stops just under $ 25 with first goals at $ 40 and after $ 50.

This is our short-term LTC / USD business plan:

Buy: $ 25 – $ 26, $ 31

Stop: $ 24, $ 28

Objectives: $ 40, $ 50, $ 60

All graphics courtesy of Trading View.

This is not a trading or investment advice. Do your research.

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