Introducing WAY2BIT and the BORA Blockchain Ecosystem


WAY2BIT is a blockchain technology company established in December 2017 that concentrates on the advancement of blockchain-based platform services. WAY2BIT is developing a commercial platform called BORA to create new value using blockchain technology. BORA is a DAP platform designed to solve existing problems and distributing games and digital content, and incentivizing user interaction with a dual blockchain structure and proprietary token mechanism. WAY2BIT has been developing the alpha version for the BORA platform and opened the "BORA Lagoon" testnet in October 2018. They plan to officially launch BORA in the first half of 2019 and expand the ecosystem.

WAY2BIT has signed partnerships with blockchain ecosystems with over 30 professional companies including game developers, healthcare providers, education consultants, real estate companies, and grid address developers. WAY2BIT has also been attracted to investment and development, such as Blockwater Capital, Kakao Games, Neptune, and Dunamu & Partners.

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BORA Performance

BORA provides a solution for secure and transparent distribution of content and protects and unlocks the value of digital assets on the blockchain. In addition, the BORA platform is designed using a modular architecture to allow independent blockchain execution by content providers. This guarantee is provided to the platform. Meanwhile, BORA ecosystem through a single, unified user experience. User identity, accounts, and assets are completely integrated and mutually compatible within the ecosystem, and the BORA platform has the performance and scalability to handle the activities of these content services seamlessly.

bora, way2bit

BORA uses a dual-blockchain architecture consisting of an ethereal mainnet and multiple side-chain sets. Each side-chain set can handle 2,200 TPS (transactions per second). The design is modular and can be expanded easily. For example, a five-set side-chain would have a total processing capability of 11,000 TPS (2,200 TPS x 5). There is also no structural limitation on the side-chain expansion, so performance could be scaled indefinitely using additional side-chain sets.

User Benefits and Value

While the blockchain provides transparency and validation through an immutability, or due to negligence, or error, or intended error. BORA has already completed the technical testing and validation of the recovery methods and policies to ensure that it is not inconsistent to the principles of blockchain. This unique feature of BORA enables a more realistic approach to high-quality blockchain services. The people behind BORA are working hard to apply their development and operational knowledge to provide user-friendly experiences and features using the blockchain.

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