Interoperability Blockchain Wanchain combines Hyperledger


Wanchain, the blockchain interoperability expert, joined the Hyperledger ecosystem to promote cross-border blockchain technology.


The interoperability company Blockchain Wanchain entered the Hyperledger platform with the goal of creating a modern blockchain cross-industry technology that will run on Linux, the company He said in a statement.

Wanchain's founder and CEO, Jack Lu, commented:

"We are honored to join forces with the Hyperledger ecosystem and we look forward to working with its esteemed members on developing a universal open standard for distributed ledger technology."

He added that the company's passion for cross-chain solutions "derives from our belief that, to realize the full potential of blockchain, the chains that make up the larger blockchain ecosystem must be able to connect and interact without interruptions between them ". The Hyperledger community shares this vision "and we are thrilled to work closely with its members to achieve our common goal and contribute to advancing the whole industry".

With its inclusion in the Hyperledger community, Wanchain joins a consortium comprised of Accenture, Baidu, Constellation Labs, Deloitte, FedEx, Honeywell International Inc., Intel, IBM and Oracle.

In a separate statement, Hyperledge said 14 new members joined his expanding global community this month, leading to more than 270 organizations contributing to open source tools and organizations of distributed books and registries.

"Our community ranges from technology giants and industry leaders to start-ups, service providers and academics" He said Executive Director of Hyperledger, Brian Behlendorf. "We are gaining traction around the world in market segments, from finance to health care, from government to logistics." He added the rise and diversity of the community to signal the growing recognition "of the strategic value of the corporate blockchain and of the commitment to the adoption and development of open source frameworks to drive new business models" .

As part of the Hyperledger community, Wanchain is obliged to contribute to the transversal capacity of the much larger Hyperledger ecosystem. The company will collaborate and coordinate with the Hyperledger Indy and Hyperledger Quilt ecosystem on the promotion of interoperability solutions.

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