Intergalactic Gaming Blockchain Project named as Next Tron (TRX Coin) Super Representative


TRON appoints the intergalactic game as a Super Representative

The sports industry is growing exponentially. He has grown from small tournaments with a few hundred dollars in prizes to global tournaments with millions of dollars in prizes. Several companies are already earning growth, e TRON is paving the way in the Blockchain technology park.

TRON has made moves to fortify his position. One of his most recent moves has seen Intergalactic Gaming become a Super Representative of TRON.

A surprising development

A TRON Super Representative is a highly coveted position in the export sports sector. At the time when Intergalactic Gaming was making its application, there were another 160 candidates vying for the position. The IGG is relatively new compared to most other candidates. Furthermore, he was appointed TRON SR only 4 hours after submitting the application. Considering all the factors, this is a surprise and an impolite one for the other candidates.

However, the election of Intergalactic Gaming as TRON SR should not be surprising since it was recently launched with the influence of TRON. It was launched with the goal of getting more game developers on board the TRON Network.

The implications

The election of IGG as a TRON SR will come with different implications for both companies. The obvious thing is that Intergalactic Gaming has just consolidated its position in the sector because its position on the TRON network gives it an excellent leverage. IGG is also able to earn a lot of money from its new position.

As a TRON Super Representative, Intergalactic Gaming will be responsible for contributing to the governance and blocking efforts. The company will be paid 32 TRX for each block created. Considering that it takes about 1 second to create a block, the average TRON SR is paid around 2,764,000 TRX everyday. This translates into around $ 44,000 ranging from the current TRX value. The money will come as the necessary capital to finance the growth and expansion of the company, considering that it is still relatively new.

TRON it also has something to gain from the recent development. To start with, he has another SR TRON to help with governance and block building. Above all, however, he is focusing on the IGG to strengthen his position. IGG is the result of various parts including TRON and the leader of game and sports developers. Its goal is to unlock the financial potential of the esports sector through tokenization and digitization.

Self Intergalactic game it grows as expected and achieves its objectives, so it will be one of the fundamental pillars of the operations and the ambition of TRON as a leading supplier of Blockchain solutions. Considering that the export industry is currently heading towards the $ 1 billion mark, these goals may not be far-fetched for either company.


The recent election of the intergalactic game as a Super Representative of TRON It is a huge step forward for the company's reputation and financial position. It is also expected that it will contribute to strengthening the position of TRON in the long-term sector. Currently, however, all that IGG can do is help create more blocks and make governance more efficient for TRON.

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