Insurance Giant Ping An publishes the "White Paper on Smart Cities", says Blockchain


Ping An Insurance, one of the largest insurance groups in the world, has published a "White Paper on Smart Cities", supporting blockchain technology, AI, big data and cloud computing, the People & # 39; s Daily reports on August 22 [19659002] Ping An Insurance, a Chinese conglomerate with operations in the insurance, banking and finance sectors, was ranked third among the world's leading global financial services companies as of May 2018.

According to People & # 39 ; s Daily, the company released its "White Paper on Smart Cities" on August 21st. The declared goal is "to help the government to create a new model of" city as a service "of governance" and to "propose a methodology and a complete solution, systematic and highly recognized, with" wisdom, [and intelligence] "as the main line of thought." The document adds:

"In promoting the development of" smart city ", Ping An proposes the system of [intelligence] in the perspective of service and creativity, and promotes it with the practice of current status, Ping An has dominated a large number of core professional technologies and is more confident in this field.The five main technologies of Ping An: biometric, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud platforms have reached the level of global leadership . "

China is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to implementing new technologies, such as blockchain, AI, internet of things (IoT) in the creation of" smart cities ", of which the country has one to create one thousand.

Currently, one of China's most successful "smart cities" is Xiong & # 39; an, which was declared by President Xi Jinping as a special economic zone in October 2017. In July of this year, the government of Xiong & # 39; an has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ConsenSys, with plans for the company to provide advice to the government on blockchain software solutions.

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