Inquiries on the forces of order sent to Kraken almost tripled in 2018


Change of cryptocurrency In 2018 Kraken received about three times as many law enforcement requests as in 2017, the interchange reported in a Tweet January 5th.

According to the data shown in the weet, in 2018 the exchange received 475 requests for the application of the law by global government agencies, while in 2017 there were only 160. Still, the numbers of 2017 were already considerably higher than the # 39; previous year, when there were only 71 requests.

Annual law enforcement inquiries received from Kraken

Annual law enforcement requests received from Kraken – Source: Kraken Tweet

The tweet also highlighted the prevalence of US agencies among the demands, stating "you can see why many companies choose to block US users". The exchange reported that 315 of the 475 requests in 2018 came from US government agencies.

Requests by Country of Inquiring Agency

Inquiries from Country of Inquiring Agency – Source: Kraken Tweet

As reported by Cointelegraph at the beginning of December, United American Corp. (UnitedCorp), based in Florida, has allegedly filed a lawsuit against Bitmain,, Roger Ver and Kraken.

According to the complaint, the defendants jointly used unfair methods and practices to manipulate the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network to their advantage and injury to UnitedCorp and other BCH stakeholders.

Also in December, the Japanese police reported that there was a significant increase in reports of cryptocurrency trading on suspicious transactions. The increase ratios occurred after the entry into force of a bill that obliges the exchange to report this activity.

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