Infographic: how Blockchain Tech can improve well-being


A 'era of technological innovations and exponential progress is well established, according to a study by HighVibeNetwork. The development of self-driving cars, robots and artificial intelligence embodies the so-called "pawn economy".

What to know

The term "token economy" can be described as "that rewards the specific behavior of the user with token, or something that can be exchanged with something valuable, and also allows us to store the value in a very effective way that eliminates third parties ".

In this way, HighVibeNetwork has produced an infographic to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology on personal development and overall well-being.

Based on the infographic, meditation and yoga are rapidly becoming more common, while digital music services offer more opportunities for relaxation and electronic learning.

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Because it is important

According to Pew Research Center data, 95% of Americans own a cell phone of some kind, while 75% have a laptop or desktop computer.

Given this information, users of all demographics are overexposed to applications and information.

With the increase in dependence on technology, the drive for technology-based self-help programs will also increase.

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