Indian municipal companies are about to issue birth certificates on Blockchain!


Several government agencies in India recently adopted the exciting new Lynked.World platform in an attempt to simplify citizen engagement and identification processes in the country. The company, based in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, offers a blockchain ID verification solution for everyday citizens, employers, administrators of higher education and governments. The app is already available to anyone via the App Store or Google Play.

Lynked.World is a blockchain-based technology that allows users to digitally verify their personal, educational, and professional information through their peer-to-peer network. Users retain complete control of their digital information and are able to share vital ID data easily and directly with potential employers, institutions or businesses as needed. Once a user has gone through the process of identifying the platform data, the verified data can be used through a simple QR code. The app aims to provide people with the management and control of their own and secure identification data and to share digitally authenticated data and identity documents without having to be physically present in particular locations.

Some government agencies in India have recognized the importance of adopting an ecosystem that allows its citizens to engage safely with them in order to accelerate the meeting with the needs of residents while maintaining the possibility of ensure that identities are verified and legal. Recently, for example, some municipalities, including the Durgapur Municipal Corporation and the Bankura Municipal Corporation, both in West Bengal, have integrated the platform into their administrative functions to enable citizens to quickly request documents such as birth certificates. Bankura has 3.5 million residents, so simplifying identification processes is crucial for the effective provision of services by the municipal company.

Arun Kumar, founder and CEO of Lynked.World, says the platform will make the delivery of government services and cost efficient more effective. "Digitally verified identity data represents the future of data management," he says. "The current systems are too cumbersome – the only way a government agency can guarantee to deal with effective citizens with access rights to services is to have them in front of them, with ID in hand Our platform removes this obstacle because it offers many levels of security to ensure the full authenticity of digital identities, data and documents In a densely populated country like India, our system makes the processes very simpler and faster for citizens and local administrations, which ultimately leads to savings on administrative and processing costs. "

The platform will be powered by the LYNK utility token, with token sales starting on the 15th November 2018 and ending 10 February 2019. 150,000,000 LYNK tokens are available for sale. Buyers will receive a 35% discount on tokens from November 15th to December 7th.

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